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EverY1 Changing?
Thursday, February 24, 2005

Listenin 2 : Kaulah Segalanya (Hazrul Nizam)

"Kaulah Segalanya
Yg menyinar hidupku kasih
Hanya satunya
Yg kucintai"

bosan2..apasal dgn aku ni???? nari wk was ok..kinda out of e office most of e time..2 bank mostly..best jugak..pasal tu, i got ma pay cheque late..sob2..nampaknya sat after 2pm aje..mua confirm goin 2 Dewa's concert..buyin e tix on sat itself..goin with e portboyz..mayb Shahrul Azmi + Irfan is goin 2..cant wait

lots of things 2 settle n buy..bills..hps (mine + Khai)..my 6610 lcd crack..to repair aje $80..geez..Khai's phone also share e same fate..hv 2 get him e same Erission model..2nd hand ah..checkout e price juz now..$130..ok2..hv yet decide on wat hp 2 buy..either 6230 or 7260..wat do u think guys?

Oh ya..decided 2 try somethin new..hmm..watch out 4 it..hehe

hope everythin goes fine 4 e dinner..still havent tot on e outfit..stress2..dad gave me cab fare 4 besok..yipee..thks dad!! hugz..oklah pple..till here then..

Innocent Beauty

Your Beauty lies
in Innocence. Pure, sweet and child-like. You most
likely look far younger than
you are and your smile would brighten up anyone's
day. Seen as naive and
sheltered, you can be ignorant at times, but for
the most part, it's simply your
reputation preceding you. You are most likely
rather aware of the realities of
life. You are extremely good natured and
trustworthy. By the same token, you are
a bit too trusting. Be careful, few are as honest
and open as you. You might
seem girlish still with a love of dresses, ponies,
and things most might deem
you "too old for". But this doesn't
bother you. You enjoy your youth and are
going to make it last. After all you are only as
old as you feel.

Some Things
That Represent You:

Light, Wind Animal: Kitten Color:
White, Pink, Pastels Song:
Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney
Expression: Innocent Smile

Diamond Mythological Creature: Unicorn
Moon Hair Color: White Eye Color:

Quote: "A
stranger is just a friend you haven't met

Where Does Your Beauty Lie? ..::Original Pictures Are Back! Detailed Results::..
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Quizzez..Tgh Boring Giler

You are Lili St. Cyr!
You're Lili St. Cyr!

What Classic Pin-Up Are You?
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You are a Go-Go Girl! Yay you!

What kind of Sixties Person are you?
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You are a cat woman. You are independant and very
self-rigious. You have a mind of your own and
are not afraid to show it. You tend to hide
your true feelings and get frustrated (easy).

Who are you inside????? (LOTS OF RESULTS)girls only
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You are a Belly Dancer. You are charming inside
out, your life follows an interesting rhythem,
beautiful and smooth, you know how to be the
center of attention when you want to, you love
your friends and you can trust them on your
life. Your ideal man is the one with a sweet
witty character who understands how much
freedom is important to you.

What kind of dancers are you? (Girls only)
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Congratulations! You are Bree Van De Kamp, the
Martha Stewart on steroids, whose family is
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Which Desperate Housewife are you?
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Listenin 2 : bAGAIkAN sAKti (M. Nasir + Ct Nurhaliza)

"Jika ini hakikatnya
Aku serahkan jiwa + raga
Jika ini ketentuanannya
Kau tetap jadi miliku jua"

haiz..ada apa dgn cinta? bersampahlah aku ni..geez..prac juz now..Went 2gether with Sairul..told me abt his work..kinda interested n i noe he enjoyed it a lot..he's havin a exam later..gd luck!!

Hopefully can go Dewa concert with Portboyz..n meet Teddy 2..*grinz

Y do I had 2 block Aby..entahlah..i dont wanna rub it further..Farid, mua best fren knew abt "IT' by his fren..he kinda dissapointed i didnt tell him..sori lah..Ana, Farhan + Lokman n most pple..dont noe..i dont want any sympathy..juz a shoulder 2 cry on..Thks Imah 4 lettin me let it all out!!

Besok is ma co dinner @ Ritz Carlton..still hvent decide on e top..n Andrew said im e photographer..geez..with Mr John's digi..leceh tul..gonna meet e Big Boss n his bossy daug..shruz

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What kind of girl aM I?
Wednesday, February 23, 2005

You're the innocent girl next door. You are
friendly, cheerful, kind, and happy. You like
to spread your happiness around making people
feel warm and joyous. To do this you like to
bake cookie and muffins while giving kind
compliments. Plus you actually give apples to
your teachers. You're pure and innocent and
most likely haven't broken many rules. Everyone
loves you. How can they not?

What kind of girl are you? (with pix!)
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If You Were A Barbie, Which Messed Up Version Would You Be

Barbie Got Back
Barbie Got Back! Go you! You're the closest thing
ever to a true black Barbie. Shake that fat
ass of yours.

If You Were A Barbie, Which Messed Up Version Would You Be?
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what type of anime girl are you?

your goth! a real rebel

what type of anime girl are you? goth..prep..normal..evil...punk (with pics)
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Where Do I StanD?

Listenin to : Berhenti Mengharap (SO7)

Typin this entry in mua office..e rest went off 4 lunchie..nampaknya..3 divas goin later after every1 comes back..today's menu is mum's vege only..need 2 lose those baby fatz n tone..later hv prac @ yishun kul 6pm for "Kembara Seni"..Sairul is comin..yipee..

Well..still receoverin...Aby found out ma 2nd a/c n send me a msg..

"wah...ade accnt lagi satu...pic pawe2.. yg satu pic
u n me je..konon nye baik la pic wit me je... d
other one 4 goda2 la...bagus...can c u hepi2 doing
dis...sooo..since u hepi doing it behind me.. carry
on...till u sedar k...wish u all d best k... tanx 4
playin wit ma feelings eh.....juz wonder y i always
get dis kind of treatment..anw tanx..."

I wonder where does ma fault lies..Im tryin ma best 2 pleased ya n u noe i cant chg overnoite ..it takes time..He chg his am profile..i cant b bother to chg mine..let it b tt way..

Yesterday went 2 meet Rusty @ his crib..chill aje..lama tak jumpa..last met him was last yr.geez..told him wats happenin..he said..u alwayz choose e wrong pple..sighz..i guess so..

oklah pple..me wanna chowz..

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GdBye n Thks
Monday, February 21, 2005

Listening 2 : E 1st Cut is e Deepest (Sheryl Crow)

Dead is e word.04-11-04 - 21-02-05 ( 3mths 17 days) Gone is ma relatnship..as i've tot..im jinx i guess..He called it off eventually..cant blame him..juz im not up 2 wat he wanted me 2 b..hope ull found e one tt will melt ur heart n b a perfectionist ju e way u want..

How 2 move on like this? Sick..recoverin n this matter again..cant take it

Broken hearts, broken dreams
They're just some things that love brings
When you learn that its all been a lie
You cry
You find that

Nothing hurts like love
Nothing brings your heart so much pain
And you'll never learn
Till you get burned
Till you're burned by the flame

Nothing hurts so bad
Nothing hurts so much
No nothing, hurts, like love

So you gave all you had
How this story turned so sad
Nothing left but the tears in your eyes
You die inside, cause

Nothing hurts like love
Nothing brings your heart so much pain
And you'll never learn till yo u get burned
Till you're burned by the flame

Nothing hurts so bad
Nothing hurts so much
No nothing, hurts
Like love

So dry your eyes
It's just your turn to learn
Your time to find that

Nothing hurts like love
Nothing brings your heart so much pain
And you'll never learn
Till you get burned
Till you're burned by the flame

Nothing hurts so bad
Nothing hurts so much
No nothing, hurts
Like love

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Wat E HeLL?

Listening 2 : Vertigo (U2)

Sighz..wkend juz passed n Mon Blues..sick today..doc said im 2 tired n not enough rest..still yet 2 eat med..goin 2 later after this entry..lots of things 2 talk abt..

Fri (18/2)

E APM day..went with Mummy..lotz of pple there..saw Rudy cuz n Sam there..event pple, wat else..BHUMIBAND won 3 awards..hapi 4 u guyz..hard wk paid off..e event was great..had fun..after e show..while walkin 2 e exit, saw Teddy n his gp members..told mum 2 accompany 2 say congrats 2 him..He saw me n smile..Congrats..i knew u can do it..he said thks..salam ma mum 2..called Dimas, tak dgr..2 excited i guess..Aby kept sayin syg eh u tak dgn dia..if not glamour u..tt's in e past Aby..dah tak ada jodoh..he's not meant 2 b mine..

Sat (19/2)

Chingay!! Yipee..had 2 report @ 11am..but e rest biasalah star karat..overall, i had a great time..Hetty saw me..malunya..kinda felt like superstar 4 a day..pple wavin @ ya..takin ur pics..guyz whistling..hahha..oh ya ealier this morn..Teddy sms me said 'thks Dear 4 ur support".."thk u 4 being there wen we were a nobody"..then came e million $$ quez..y didnt u hug me..alamak.nak mampos ke..mummy n ur gf kan ada..i guezz he still hasnt 4gotten abt me..sighz..i still owe ya tt hugz, Teddy..someday ya

Sun (20/12)

E comp day..got up early..rcvd an sms fr Teddy..he's tired fr work..cian dia..he said catch me @ SPS..oh ok..tot its juz a segment of e APM..sekali..BHUMIBAND was in e studio..boy...Teddy do looked shag..wearing his glasses..tee n sweater..cool lak..sms him after tt..u look gd despite e shagness..hehehe

wen we all were hvin lunchie @ Eddy's place, e bad news broke fr Izan..COMP POSTPONED

Then..we all chill @ Esplanande n took pics..step modelz semua..Aby hurt his kneww wen playin soccer..cian dia..he then sms me askin if he can go out with his gal fren 4 movie on Mon..she had a free tix.i allow him too

e war starts again..called Aby askin how's his ankle? he said apa seh..ma knee lah..all these while i showed ya many times n u still dont noe..it shows how much u care..geez..he hangup e phone on me..i got fucked coz of this..then he sms he had enough of me..did i went wrong guyz? I said sorry but he didnt reply till now..dont i deserve anythin i tot by myself..guess so..sob2

2day..my chest feels pain..geez..simply had diffculty breathin..went 2 doc..dont stress so much as per doc..sighz..gtg n rest guyz..tryin 2 ease ma mind..

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Friday, February 18, 2005

Listenin 2 : Dia (BhumiBand)

Ola pple..damn its cold in e office..geez..lookin out e window, its cloudy..i wonder hows ma dancers doin @ Chingay..luckily its juz e preview..hopefully e weather is mighty fine for e actual ChinGay..

Waitin 4 e time to pass..damn..lamanya nak kul 6pm..Dad is fetchin me later..yipee..siap2 @ home 4 e APM..kinda xcited but sucky its live on SURIA..so catch me guyz..neva noe if i do appear on tv..perAsaan 1 min..hehe

hmm..wonder if I bump into Ard..geez..wat shall i say to him..Hi!! How r u? U Look Great..kinda lame rite..takot lak if his gf around..but wat e heck..i dont care anyway..*evil grinz..hope he's with Taufik..hahhaa..sori Cuz Norin if i get 2 take pics with him..

Well..countdwn 2 DaGroOVe is endin soon..2 days 2 go..kinda nervouz n hope both ma teams get 2 e finals..Oh ya..ma dancers hv another performance @ Sbwg Sec..Event is called 'Kembara Seni'..tix - $8 incl dinner.on 26th Feb (Sat).There's a rumor tt Taufik mite b performing..bestnya..anyway, this's kinda like modern n tradional event..a favour 2 Teater Variasi, my old group..last of e last 4 them 2 perform..

Aby havin soccer 3 dayz in a row..hv fun..Muckz n hugz..nampak gayanya tak turun lah dia 2 c me @ Chingay n comp..but its k..

Best Gerek news : Troy e stalker..called me this morn wen on ma way back home fr prac..i was on e other line with Cuz Rudy..sibuk aje jantan ni sorang.so i decided to do talk 2 him once n 4 all..conversatn goes like this :-

Troy : Hello (In his yg tak menjadi sexy voice)
Sally : ahh..nak apa (suara mcm malas nak bual)
Troy : Tgh buat apa?
Sally : on ma way home fr prac
Troy : susah eh nak keluar dgn u!!
Sally: kan me ada Chingay n comp, furthermore if me msk finals..lagi tambah bz
Troy :I nak keluar dgn u
Sally: Eh..u gi keluar dgn ur frens lain..
Troy : sapa seh?
Sally : Mana me tau who's ur frens (bengapz siak dekni)
Troy : Eh..u masih jln lagi..exercise nmpk
Sally : alah..me gemuk ke kurus ke..tak kisah
Troy : but if u kurus lagi, lagi best
Sally : tak apalah..asalkan org yg nak dgn me tak pasal
Troy : I nak dgn u
ni yg part best..
then he put dwn e phone n neva cb till naw..hahha..rasakan..tak mkn saman..suka mainkan pompan kan..

hehe..kinda hapi 2 share this with u guyz..oklah..gtg..nak chowz soon..

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Been a While Naw!
Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Listenin 2 : Karma (Alicia Keys)

Ola PPle!! Hope u all been doin fine...kinda tiedup with prac nowdays..sighz...4 more days 2 go 2 DaGroove Comp
Details as fllws :

Place : Planet Paradigm (S'pore Shoppin Centre)
Itz bside Park Mall..

Time : 3pm onwards

Ctc mua if u wanna join us 2 support...e JUniors r no. 9 slot..whereas mine's 12..18 gps competing..10 will b elemenated..8 move 2 finals..hopefully both teams go tru...prayin all e best..2day last prac of Chingay @ BUssorah..b there in a jifty after wk..i try lah..takin bus there..wkends 4 me is jammed pack..18th (APM with Mummy) - 19th (Chingay @ Orchard Rd) - 20th (DaGroove Comp)..all ma cuzs will b supporting me..thks ya all..kinda nervous but im so ON Baby!!! Wish me luck ya...

colours fill my life with wonders Love

CounTdwn 2 E daYz
Saturday, February 12, 2005

ListeniNg 2 : Get Rite (J LO)

Woke up early..still sleepy..decided 2 entry b4 goin out..

Mum been braggin 2 go 2 bank..sighz..malas gitu..

Agenda : Bank - Cut Hair - Yat's Hse -prac

Semlm was shag abis...tau tak dtg prac..kejapz aje..gezz..Shawn was really shag..man doesnt he sleep..mcm walkin zombie gitu..while prac..saw Zairin, senior of ma sec sch..kebetulan he's also teachin Minahz tarian in her sch..

After tt, we decided 2 chill @ Ct Hall..Fauzan was there 2..yipee..hehe..Oh ya..Educated Bastard saw me..sms me but tak nak angkatz ma call..apalah..malu konon..chitz..saw him @ nearby Raffles Ct with his fren..

Wats with hensem n cute guyz..either kwat/gayz.geez..aint we girls/women blink 2 their eyes..tak paham..

Julie + Lan bought each other advanced V Day..touchin gitu..sighz..miss him but entahlah..ada bf mcm tak ada..i guess mua new status is SINGTACH..single cum attached???? go figure..

Oklah guyz..gtg..cant hv ma mum waitup..muackz..hv a great wkend n enjoy 2 e fullest!!

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Friday, February 11, 2005

Listenin 2 : U Had Me (Josh Stone)

Phew!! Boy..dance was so tiring..but it was great coz we went all out..comp is nxt wk..kinda nervous..but cant wait 2 show it 2 e audience..

B4 tt, hmm...dancers were all late as usual..star karat aje..geez..

Tiff with Aby again..this time he said im EGO..wat's this? U said ok abt e beach outin then naw u said i shd noe wat u like n dislike..cant u juz tell me..or i shd b iniative..U juz go ahead n said dont bother tellin u where i go??? U think me ni apa? Stressssssssssssss.....Help Me!!

Cuz Herman cancelled our meetup coz he had somethin on..its ok..mayb next time aite cuz..

Hv full dress rehearsal @ PA later..hv 2 report by 6pm..guess im takin cab there fr wk..geez...jgn mimpilah dpt balik siang...hmm..hope Dila remember 2 bring e 'Gila2 Pengantin & Gila2 Pengantin Remaja'.Gonna watch over e wkend if I've e time..Guess fr now on..bz2 with Chingay n comp...

Cant think on wat 2 type..too much on my mind..nampak gayanya Sentosa lagi lah this su..mayb alone or with co..c how..

Where r u Aby wen i need u?? Guezz not..all alone

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Bad Hair Day..HeLp!!
Thursday, February 10, 2005

Listenin 2 : Hero (Enrique Iglesias)

How time flies..besok dah kena keje..lamez..Malas2..Fri lagi..

Ma split ends gettin worst..by hook/crook..me hv 2 get mua hair trim..its major worst BIG TIME!!

Oh ya..Thks to G.L.R. 4 helpin mua on e links!! syg dia!! nxt step wd b e dynamic drive where mua pics will b runnin around..hehejuz wait up!!

Agenda : watch JUARA lagu @ 1330 on SURIA..got mua fav..misha omar "Pulanglah"
return bks @ tp lib
cut hair
off 2 prac

Meetin Cuz Herman @ ma prac later..gonna hv dinner 2gether n catchup with times..he juz got recently enganged 2 his long time gf & I was honoured tt mua was e 1st 2 noe..touchin!!Even ma parents doesnt noe abt this..we leave these 2 his parents 2 announce anyway..

Aby online naw..attitute..sighz..sabar aje Sally!!

gtg chat with him..chowz

colours fill my life with wonders Love


Listenin 2 : Drop It Like Its Hot (Snoop Dogg Feat Pharell)

Shagggggggggg is e word...Tirin but its kinda great altho 4 a short while..

Went 2 Sentosa eventually but lambat..left home around 1pm..sampai sana..mak datuk..queue 4 shuttle bus punya panjang..apa nak buat..CNY dok!! Ramai foreigners incl mat2 blackout..hehe

Met them @ Tanjong Beach..miz them dok!! dah lama tak meet..Arwen brought her siblings along..new faces..Mira n Lan (Bikerkornerz)..Aidah also brought her son along 2..v e cute..apa lagi me..lepas salin...put on suntan lotion then..mandi..yipee..as usual..tannin under e wonderful sun..e gals saying, "Angel, tak takot hitam ke? Tak Ah..suka tan ah.." E Guyz rabakz..had an evil plan 2 throw gals who r not bathin..eventually..they got Jun + Juliet..Arwen tak menjadi coz dia menronta2..lebih teruk dgn kambing nak sembelih as per Arjo..haha

Then, we decided 2 head 2 Pahlawan Beach toilet 2 chg..bila nak dekat sampai, me saw Pipit with his skimboard fr far..me called him n he smiled..Me hug him n then he sang "Sally ada kambing kecil"..hehe..funny lah..he said he was lookin 4 me ..me asked mana nak gi..2 Tanjong 2 skim..oh ok then i said..

After mandi..me went out..nampak Kopibean eatin ice cream..sedap gitu..we went 2 buy..sekali yg tukang jual is Munaji aka Gia..bdk Hippo & frens..dah menjadi dia u..Then i sms Shafiq abt Gia coz he hutang Fiq n Ann $$..hahaha..Anyway. nak Cornetto sekali tgl Calippo..jadi jugak lah..Aidah nak juga but dah abis..Aidah's 2 mths pregnant..congrats ya..kepunan aje dia..

Dinner was @ Mac Hobourfront..Kopi & Lan balik..kena keje..cian kauorg..Then Jun plan nak gi mana after dinner..semua opt 4 movie @ PS..Mua wanted 2 watch "Fengshui" (horror) but semua tak nak..its ok..lain kali aje..Oh ya..Arjo lak balik coz tak minat tgk movie rAMAI2..2 org aje lagi best..eww..

Bila dah arrive..semua citer nak dekat soldout or sellin fast.."Constantine" laku..nampaknya tak menjadi..semua then lepak @ *bucks..Jun n me gi Delifrance..heard some1 callin ma real name..sapa lak ni panggil2 aku..sekali its Rizan (x colleague of Singtel)..mana bini..he pointed @ e counter tgh orderin..me waved n smiled @ her..Went back 2 *bucks after tt..

Zul lak call tanya if nak join him @ Devils Bar..me pakai selipar lah..balik leh salin apa..malas ah..then he decided 2 go meet me instead..waitin @ pk mall's bus stop..bila jumpa..he said he liked ma hair..lain aje..haha..He kinda likes me n even wants me 2 b his gf but me treat him as a close buddy aje..talked 4 quite a while @ istana pk..chillin then i decided 2 balik..banyak nyamuk ah..he kissed me b4 i took ma cab..kinda shocked n dazzed..he closed e door n smiled.geez..

Oklah.tts all 4 naw..later @ 4pm ada prac @ Yishun.geezz..penatz..

colours fill my life with wonders Love

WeLL aGaIn!!
Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Listen to : E ReaSON (Hoobastank)

ola Peepz..hope u all hv a great holidays!! enjoy 2 e fullest!!

Yesterday was n Gd n Bad Day!! Eventually got 2 go back early...me went off 1230hrs..v e happy..Norin had to do some stuff..so had 2 meet her later..Aby also got released early..met him @ Bugis control statn..

While waitin, me walked around bugis junctn..bought "Constantine" tix (1715hrs)..FHM US Versn 4 Aby..Oh ya..saw Abg Khai too aka Khai Hassan fr am..hehe..alone..

Aby sampai late..then off 2 lunchie @ Es Teler behind Bugis..tot of eatin @ usual place but tutup..ordered Chicken Noodle, Es Teler , Es Tea , Fried Fishcake & Mee Hoon Bakso..sedap but tak kenyang..hehehe..me big eater mah..saw Mat Noh with his fiance..me step tak kenal coz he's mok's fren..last i saw him was last yr @ Putera's niece birthday party..

Then we decided 2 walk 2 CtLink 2 check out Flash & Splash...e tee tt he been eyein 4 masih ada n its e last piece..ma eye caught on this jacket..v e old skool..showed it 2 Aby..he loved it..last piece again..geez..hehe..told him tt me gettin e tee..he said sebarang..had a surprise 4 him..while @ e counter..me took e jacket too..nasib baik Aby tak nampak..gave him e bag..he kinda doesnt realised but mua hintin on him..y u think e bag is heavy..he saw in e bag n smile..e best smile i seen..We checkout HMV..very e x coz Aby wanted 2 hv Maroon 5 & Keane..Sbwg Music Centre @ Pkway sellin cheaper..Off to Peni..saw Rizal but me buat bodoh..heheh..Aby bought me 2 e place where bikes toys is sellin..now i noe *winkz..Went 2 this shops where they sell surfer brand..Man,,loved it..diff collectn fr e boutique itself..next mth ah nampaknya borong..hehehe

Took train 2 Bugis back meetin Norin & Amly..tot we were early..sekali they dah sampai..hehhe.."Constatine" is a 4 thumbs up...i like e storyline although kinda chim..Aby langsung dont get it..told him tt I read e reviews tt y me paham..hehehe..

Then..ma headache began,,kinda ok @ 1st but gotten worst while on e way @ LPS..We asked them 2 go ahead 1st while we 2 7-11 gettin me Panadol active..i decided 2 go back coz i felt like vomittin..Sorry Norin tt i left u with Amly..took cab home..Aby sent back n Mum asked him in..masuk jugak laki aku..hehhee.ate dinner @ ma place n went home..As 4 me, bathe n sleep..cant recall if i ate panadol..sedar around 1am coz Troy called me..me reject..tak tau ke time tido..sibuk aje..

2day's agenda is 2 Sentosa with e GJs..janji 10am but me star karat..Dusun tak gi..Jedi mayb..me still hvnt vacuum..nampaknya lambat ah..hehe

alrite guyz..gtg..

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Listenin 2 : Temptin 2 touch (Rupee)

v sleepy naw...no wk @ e moment..still wonderin if 2day we gonna get 1/2 day..geez..norin doubt so..i wish there is..havent ate ma breakfast yet even..hehhe

GJ goin 2 Sentosa 2morrow..bestNya!! Gonna ask Aby 1st..

Last nite..e pRac was damn tiring..we endup prac @ multi storey carpk..Pipit + Mia came too..cian juniorz..only sasha + nana aje ada..they kinda piss with e rest of their gp..so they went home early b4 9pm..

We, seniorz..prac mcm nak giler...geezz..ada ke patut pipit called me "Quarter POunder" due 2 ma babY fatz..uwek..nanak geng!!

After tt, we all chill @ Yishun Mac..metup with Shafiq, Ariff n few of their frenz..even 1 of e Entrada youngest member (lupa name) was there with Her boo..dah besar bdk tu!! Pipit, Dylla + Wan left 1st...then..mua + Eddy..we took bus 853 home..me slept in e bus..cant take it..reached home around 1230am..shaq abis..

Called Aby - dah tido..miss ya..

Cant wait 2 meet him n of coz e movie outin..

oklah..tt's all 4 naw..

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Monday, February 07, 2005

Listenin 2 : Wasnt Me (Shaggy)

Burppppppppppp!! v Full nw..had murtabak n was e last 1 to finishup coz mine came last..geez...but its worth it..

after tt, dila treat us to Rotiboy..u all shd give it a try...kinda like soft, crispy..caramel big bun..melts in ur mouth real well..& 4 sure..u wanna hv more..only $1.20..ehehe..promote abis

tommorrow, mua , aby, norin + amly will b catchin keanu's movie, constantin @ Bugis..double date..hehe...Norin tak nak town..i kinda lup PS GV coz of e couple seats...but anyway, as long dpt out with Aby dah cukup..nearly a wk tak meet up..Miz ya lotz..

had 2 go 2 bank again..lama siak queue..talked 2 sairul + adam while queuein...

prac later @ Yishun as usual..oh ya..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EDDY & RANDY!!!!BEST WISHES 4 YA..hope 2 meet them later...

gtg..got wk..chowz

colours fill my life with wonders Love

LazYYYY & dePrEss

Listenin 2 : Tipah Tertipu (Ruff Edge)

ola peepz!!! lunch time 4 me.....off 2 eat indian food @ coffeeshop..all e ladies (norin , nisha, mua + dila)..tak sabar..tgh lapar ni..thinkin 2 hv briyani mutton..

tadi mua went 2 OCBC bank 4 remittances as usual..e queue was outstandin..till outside nor..hehe..sempat me baca ma "Lone Eagle" by DS..touchin till i wanted 2 cry..but me tgh maintain..

erni (mok's x fiance), called up..2 check on singtel mobile no..as usual bagi ah..we kinda gossip abt bdk2 sch lama (her + ma batch..mok pun involve..hehehhe


aby masih tak nak angkatz..sedih..

colours fill my life with wonders Love

WheRe U r?

Listenin To : Alwayz + 4ever - ShaNia Twain

Ola Peepz...e outin was fun...been ions since i went BP..still remember e place where i took pic with ma lil bro cryin..hehehe..such a learnin xperience..after tt..off 2 ec 2 watch GJ play soccer..im e only gal..loner katakan..as alwayz..quite a no came..kinda fun...talk with Sub + Loahan abt girls + guys' in a relatnship..lots of things 2 debate abt...

We all xcept Sub + Loahan who went back...ate @ Lagoon..me order Nasi Ayam Goreng + ma fav, Green Tea..hate e chicken coz lotz of bones..kenyang...burpp..

e rest went back after radec n his gf finish their meal..mua, Dusun,Man Dhopper, Radec + his gf stayed behind 4 a 2nd drink..gossipin as usual..hehehe..

Thks 4 e outing *winkz..hope he doesnt 4get 2 give me e pics we took earlier...

chowz 4 now..Aby still piss off @ me..sighz

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Listenin 2 : Truly Madly Deeply (Savage Garden)

Chg PlaNz 2day..X asked me 2 JurOng Bird Pk..geez..kinda fun i guezz..juz wait up 4 e update..tgh siap2 naw..meetin him @ Newton mrt 1030hrs..chow guyz

colours fill my life with wonders Love


Listen 2 : Nostalgia Cinta (Awie)

a Bad Day AgaIn 4 Mua..sIgh..Tiff Again wiTh Aby...adMit its ma fault but come on ah..me was with ma dancers..chillin..bukannya enjoy2...he Piss off @ me 4 not tellin tt im off to town with them..call Him- no ans..dia bingit lagi..

juz now went to Selegie Hse - threadin..cantik nor..heheh..off to Century Sq..alamak..full hse..4get lak CNY is in a few days' time n harga naik nor..sighz..

took e train with Dylla + Pipit..to town..then gather everyone in Sasa (Wisma)..Julie,Wan,Izzan,Yat,Mike..took pics in front of topshop..posing abis nor..hehehe..after tt, off to Ct Hall..thinkin eatin @ LJS..sekali full hse..geez..

oh ya..guess wat..me saw Ard aka Teddy (Bhumiband's vocalist, e taller guy) @ Ct Hall with his new gf n ma fren, Maryam..me tried to hide behind Pipit while ridin e escalator..ma mood juz went down abis..dont noe y..his gf kinda small size..mcm mua

back to e outin..we finally ate @ Mac Funan..Eddy join us later...gossip abt lin as usual..ehehe..we decided 2 chill @ Esplanande...while waitin 4 Lan + Wiyah 2 join us...mcm gerek havin e geng around me..

then we all head to Raffles Place near Boat Quay..chill sambil ambik angin..shiok..we sang "feelin" song sama2..then..ma sadNess came...y cant i hv a gd relatnship with Aby..y all e small fights..Ktiq + Ann finally join us..they decided to go 2 Cheeky Monkeys..me wanna join but no mood..in e end, Eddy,Dylla,Pipit + me went home..

tt's all folks..kinda shag but still feelin down..guess im goin to sentosa again to drown ma sorrows..called Joey if he wanna tag along..i also tell him not 2 bring Troy e stalker..he said he cant confirm..or else..me loner lah besok

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Listenin to : Nazam Berkasih (Syura)

BeeN a While Not UpdatIn ma Bloggy...bz Lah...with ma comp prac N ChIngaY..so E verY Tirin..hehhe..kinda hyper these few days sinCe Wed..


E DaY Mua + Aby meetup @ cb WheeLock..adMosphere very diff...he was talkin abt our relatnship..i was Cryin...donT care Abt e Others Lookin..both Of Us In Our Own World..in Ma Head, Lotz Of NegaTive Tots on AbY Leavin me..wat wd I Do if It HappeNs..i'LL Juz Died I gueZZ..He DecIded to gIve AnoTher Last Go..i was So Happy n Cryin Like Hell..He Touched Ma hand...i was So Touched..he Hasn't HelD mUa in Wkz..miz him Sooooo Much....We Hugz Each Other..


DevasTin News wen Raf (1 Of Ma male Dancer) goT AmiTted in Chg Hosp For DenggI FeVer...Mua Sms all E dancers..finally..me, Lan + JuLie (e engaged couple) went 2 visit him...Met FaRa (VariaSi) with a Guy.TheRe...not Sure Who..BouGht Raf a HeLiUm StaR BallOOn..He Kinda SurpRised + PaIseh...onLy him Hv tt tIed 2 His Bed...wE All Think Its Kinda Cute BUt He Doesn't...we TeasEd Him.."kan Cute..senang nurse2 namPak Kau.." Fara left EarLy..We Met With His ParEnts n had a smaLL conVersaTn all Abt Raf.. "suruh dia kawin Cik...".."banyak Yg lawa2..but melepas Semua...Raf Only Can defend By RoLlin His Eyes..

AfTer tt, we decided To Go Tamp..Mua thinkin of Cuttin ma Hair but e salOOn was So full..another day i Guess..Then, we call Eddy (e other dancer) askin if he wanna join us..kebetuLan met Him n His Cute fren, Fauzan outside e Century Sq entrance..we then head to taMp bz pk 2 hv our diNner..kinda fun..had a great chit chat..gossipin..we parted our own ways after tt..Call Aby But Tak AngkaT wen i Got Home..geezz..must b sleepin..


work as UsuAL..Andrew (ma asst boss) in a Very Gd Mood..he'l b Away 4 a Wk HolidaYin 2 JaPaN..best seh..anyway...stress level gonna b v Low..yipee...lookin 4ward 4 e wkend n holidayzzz..then off 2 Prac @ yishun..v e tired..caLL Aby..tido lak laki aku ni..

2day..not out wiTh Aby..He juz wanna Survey flash & splash (ctlink)..then went home..geezz..rindu lak..anyway, nari ada errands to do..after tt..meet..Izzan,Pipit + Dylla..@ tamp..juz chill..geezz cuz Rudy juz sms me 2 go 2 lido..dia kena Jaga Sound Sys..mayb drop by laterz..k dude..gotta go..nak Main Game with Ma "adik ipar", Eda

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

ola pple....been a while not updatin ma blog..lots of things happen last wkend..hapi n sad..sigh..finally..i had 2 let him go..i dont wanna hurt Aby anymore...cant believe all this is happening to me again n again..tak laku aku ni..supposed to meet Aby yesterday...but endup last min he cant make it..geezz..was so excited to meet him..guess meet him again wen he's free..i miss him so much..his voice..his smell..his touch..his kisses..sob2..cant do much..it's all up to him now..as for now..concentrate on ma chingay n dance comp..tryin to b strong for now..hope 4 e best 4 me..

Listenin to : PulaNGKan - Misha Omar

Seharum bunga yg menggoda
Sekandar dipandang usah dipuja
Kau pasti tak percaya
Kasih ku bkn,
Utkmu, Aby

Tiada ku sangka kau sungguh kejam
Kau rampas segalanya yg kau dendam
Namun takkan bahagia kehidupanmu
Bila bunyi ber1
Kau milik ku


PulangKan cinta hatiku
Oh hentikanlah menghantuiku
PulangKan oh pulangkanlah padaku
Ku pulangkan kesan hidupmu
Yg dikau musnah tanpa relaku
Bebaskanlah maafkan daku, oh kasih

Tiada kemaafan di sini
Kau ragut degupan hatiku ini
Akan ku jejaki kemana jua
Hingga akhir masa, Aby

colours fill my life with wonders Love

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