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Y Pple Chg Spots?
Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Listening to : Get The Party Started (Pink)
Weather : Normal
Feeling : @ ease
Wanting : Kidnap me>???

Growup pple!! Geez!!

Volunteerism @ TM hv been chg to 9th & 16th (fri) instead. 5-10pm..arghhhhhh!!

Shawn still owe me $64. By mid-Dec as promised. If not, S U E coming @ ya.

Countdwn : 2 more days to Sat..yipeeeeeeeeee!! Can't wait!!

BEAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!! ya del amor hoy, mañana y por siempre

Cravings for chocs & ice cream..help AYG!!

Attention : Come to any Starbucks Coffee on 8 December 2005 (Thursday), from 5pm - 7pm, and enjoy your favourite Starbucks beverage* on us! Yes, it's on the house

colours fill my life with wonders Love

1 Wish

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Listenin to : Tipah Tertipu (RuffEdge)
Weather : Raining
Feeling : Dissapointed
Wanting : Beijing Exchange Program

Wanna wish the above, Kecik & Dino..Happy 1st month anniversary. Semoga berkekalan.

Had a talk at auditorium with Mrs Heng, our course manager. Regards to Beijing Exchange Program on Sept 06-Jan 07. 4 mths. If selected, will end this course early in Jan instead of May 07. Extimated cost - $3800 excluding your personal needs expenses. One third will be paid by school. Wonder if I still have Edusave? Food is no issue as she have answered there'll be Halal. How doing prayers? I ponder. Hopefully, there's a mosque nearby. Hmm..away from ur loved ones especially BEAU..sob2. Lots of changes. Long term relationship. Will it work? Insyallah. Have discuss with BEAU. He encouraged me to go as this is once in a lifetime & enriching experience in time to come. Thank you AYG!!

Dance prac @ Boon Lay. New steps. Slept thoughout back home.

Im glad we are getting so closer & closer!!

"Asmara ini yg hanyutkan kita
Asmara ini yg hanyut kataku
walaupun seabad ku pertahankan
takkkan goyang oh kebenaran.."

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Wishes & More Wishes Ahead
Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Listening to : My Humps (BlackEyedPeas)
Weather : Normal
Feeling : Head Over Heels
Wanting : Get my wishlist..please!!
Im Reading : Full Blast (Janet Evanovich & Charlotte Hughes)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Wanna wish the above people.



Sch was slack as ever yesterday. Nothing new. Looking forward when does this ends. Sighz!! This was e path I chose anyway..After sch, meet BEAU @ Tamp. Kinda pity him coz aru alik reservist. Penat! Me yg pandai2 ajak BEAU out. Miss abis-abisan!! We caught "Zathura" @ CSQ. Kinda gd. U guys shd catch it!! 1 1/2hrs movie. After that, had dinner @ CSQ food court. Had a feast. Beef noodle with egg,fried seafood rice with free egg & carrot cake. Left a lil leftovers of e carrotcake. Saw Talib there too. He was with his frens. Say hi to him. Dah besar rambutnya. hehe..BEAU did a lil shopping @ Surf & Ski. He bought 2 LOST tees & a pink one for me. THK U AYG!! MUACKZ!! Next, off to CHEERS. BEAU bought Haagen Daaz Caramel Sandwich & Pokka Honey Lemon Green Tea. Yum2. Such sinful delights!! Went to library. BEAU collected raya pics (e shop didnt process gd quality prints)& bought dinner @ MAC for his familia. Send me to bus 23. Separated after that.

hugzz N kiss2 to my BEAU..kwang2..jgn meluat ah u all.

Dance prac later @ ITE Simei Studio. Goin after sch ends @ 1700hrs.

Hrs such pathetic..endure aje

colours fill my life with wonders Love

If I Can't
Monday, November 28, 2005

If i can't if i can't
Have you
Then baby i don't wanna be
With no-one else
If i can't if i can't
Have you
Then baby i would rather be
By myself

He is the meaning of hunky
His spirit and his style consumes me
From the very first time i saw him
He captured me within his power

All it took was just one look look
Before i knew it i was hooked hooked
Put my loving to the test test
And now i must confess

All it took was just one look look
Before i knew it i was hooked hooked
Put my loving to the test test
And now i must confess

Boi i would die without you
Cause i love everything about you
Boi you are my very existence
And Boi i say this with persistence
Cause i know

colours fill my life with wonders Love

E end of a lifetime
Sunday, November 27, 2005

Listening to : U & Me (Lifehse)
Weather : Warm
Feeling : Hyper
Wanting : ZoukOut?

Went jln2 with Ayu. Merantau abis. To bugis junctn, bugis village, ps, beach rd & pkway. Saw Zu in the same bus with us otw 2 pkway. We chit chat2 till I alighted. Happy for ya. Finally, got urself a gf. After Ayu can't find her desired Esprit top, we went to Mac Pkway to rest ourselves. Saw Maya & her fren. Sooo happy. Dah lama tak meet since my launch. Tt was back in end sept. Told her abt my birthday planning @ Phuture. She's gonna try to make it. Asked me abt ZoukOut. She's going. Hmm..shall i go? So tempting tho.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Guess who?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Finally..Cleared e Polluted Air

Listening to : When u say nothin @ all (Ronan Keating)
Weather : Drizzlin
Feeling : Peaceful
Wanting : Toneup my body esp my tummy
Im readin : Btw Frens (Audrey Howard)

Yawnz. Time check..2am++. Yet to sleep. Too many things on my mind.

Felt much betta. Im peaceful now. Goin on. Taking smooth steps. No rush. We r still young aint we? Yet to discover each other well enough. What is time for anyway?

Think of it.

¡ámele siempre bebé!! Gracias por escuchar el deseo de mi corazón.


Oh ya..Hapi Birthday Hirman. Semoga Allah panjangkan umurmu & dimurahkan rezeki!! Enjoy this day to e fullest with ur loved ones. Give my love to Mas & ur junior, Harriz. Missing them loads!!

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Raining Galore
Saturday, November 26, 2005

Listening to : I Don't Care (Ricky Martin Feat Amerie & Fat Joe)
Weather : Raining Cats & Dogs
Feeling : Brain Dead?
Wanting : Presents Galore?

Rain rain go away
Come again another day..

Going to mu cuzs, Nadiah & Norin's, open house later @ Tampines. If I still have time, will join GJ's jalan raya.

Thks Farhan for the prep talk yesterday. Now, I see the clearer picture. Ana can't join us due to work. As for Lokman, free aje on weekends. Hmm..maybe chill later or besok ke..

Mum asked me earlier is I want $ or presents for my coming birthday. She wanna grab me a Levi's jeans. I wanna a mp3. Thks to my bro who spoilt mine. Her budget is $100. So I can dream on having a digi/Ipod. I suggested on buying few things that reached her budget. Provided she buy with me. *Grinz. Yet to b confirm.

I can't believe today is Saturday. Thought it's Sunday. Geez..

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Finally..U took my advice..after nagging so long..
Friday, November 25, 2005

Listening to : How me seksi (Too Phat Feat Inul)
Weather : Sunny
Feeling : Inside out..no idea
Wanting : Sit by the seaside & screammm

Full of one liners.

people just come & go. people chg now & then. Y can't just stay e way it was like it used to?

Laughing. Giggling. So much fun.

How happy I look on the outside, doesnt show how i really feel inside...

Being nice doesn't pay at all

Hatred. Heartache. Jealousy. Hate those feelings but you can't run away from it.

Where's my favaratos chicken little? Gone by...


Pardon my entry. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


colours fill my life with wonders Love

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hapi 21st birthday Muhammad Farhan Dahri!!  Semoga Allah panjangkan umurmu & dimurahkan rezeki.  Enjoy ur day 2 e fullest!!!

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Lame Oh U..
Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Listening to : Believe Me (Fort Minor)
Weather : Cool
Feeling : Lost
Wanting : Where's my listenin ear?

2nd day of sch. Hmm..wat can i say? Sucky!! De ja Vu..My CA gonna b on MC for a mth. She's teaching BC. Got to c her pic tho. Now I noe who is she. Looks ok to me but u neva noe!! Kinda slack nari. "Nyonya" teaching us KDS..I guess it stands for Keyboard Developmt Skills. It's all abt teaching ya to type with e right fingers in order to type well. WTF!! Nevertheless, her lesson's on every Tue. No hal 4 me. PR was taught by Mr Foong. Kinda lame. Lembik aje this bugger. Leh tido if he teaches like this all e time. Gonna get his notes on Fri. Oh ya, earlier we got EVM notes. Kinda thin. Tt means more projects. Whole class had to do volunteerin on 8th (my hatchday) & 15th Dec. Event : Xmas Tree @ TM Fr 10am-5pm. My team members consist of both Nuruls, Izzah, Ayu, Kecik & myself, e leader appointed by them. Geez. Raining non stop since. Went to J8 with both Nuruls, Ayu & Sikin. Ayu wanna find her socks but e shop close dwn. Aru nmpk semlm dah tutup. Decided to roam around B1 to develop 10 jahanamz via infrared but tak leh. Sighz...Feeling hungry & dont wish to go back, we ate @ Mac. Kekek2 as usual. Went home with Ayu. Talked all e way. Oh ya, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TALIB. SEMOGA ALLAH PANJANGKAN UMURMU!!

Gtg. Nak lipat kain & vacuum b4 Cik Uyat & familia smp.


You're a cirebra!Youre neurotic. You
basically cant make up your mind! Theres
nothing wrong with that, you just have multiple
talents. Most likely, you will or have multiple
personalities, to whatever extent. People like
you are truly needed to make the world more
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of wisdom

Who is to say what a
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He probably likes you alot. He's just too shy to
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How does your crush feel about you? [(Girls only)(w/ pics)]
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You are Happiness. Bright and optimistic, you have
many friends. You are a lovable person, whom
everyone seems to be fond of. Don't take
advantage of this.

What Are You? (5 detailed answers + beautiful anime pics)
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MEI: beautiful or plum

What chinese name fit's you?
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Your most prominent characteristic is
individuality! You are unique, and different
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Characteristic Quiz (Awesome Anime Images)
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your element is water you are calm and gentle

what is your inner element (with great pics)
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Youre a cuddly cat. You like to lay down with a
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Ur just like me!

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Your great I love you
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colours fill my life with wonders Love

Monday, November 21, 2005

Don't forget about us

Don't baby, don't baby, don't let it go

No baby, no baby, no baby no

Don't baby, don't baby, don't let it go

My baby boy...

Just let it die

With no goodbyes

Details don't matter

We both paid the price

Tears in my eyes

You know sometimes

It'd be like that baby

Now everytime
I see you

I pretend
I'm fine

I wanna reach out to you

I turn and
I walk and
I let it ride

I must confess

We were bigger than anything

Remember us at our best
And don't forget about

Late nights, playin' in the dark
And wakin' up inside my arms

Boy, you'll always be in my heart and

I can see it in your eyes

You still want it

So don't forget about us

I'm just speaking from experience

Nothing can compare to your first true love

I hope this will remind you

When it's for real, it's forever

So don't forget about us

Oh they say

That you're in a new relationship

But we both know

Nothing comes close to

What we had, it perseveres

That we both can't forget it

How good we used to get it

There's only one me and you
And how we used to shine

No matter what you go through

We are one, that's a fact

That you can't deny

So baby we just can't let

The fire pass us by

Forever we'd both regret

So don't forget about
And if she's got your head all messed up now

That's the trickery

She'll wanna have like you know how this lovin' used to be

I bet she can't do like me

She'll never be

Baby don't you, don't you forget about us

Don't baby, don't baby, don't let it go

No baby, no baby, no baby no

Don't baby, don't baby, don't let it go

When it's for real, it's forever

So don't forget about us.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Back to sch

Listening to : Dont Forget About Us (Mariah Carey)
Weather : Cool
Feeling : Lonely
Wanting : Out any1?

Back 2 sch. Was great. Met classmates. New CA. New semester. New timetable. New syllabus to study. EVM - BZC - PR - KDS. New words to me. Still yet to check my results. Have to get CA's signature. Leceh banget!! Mrs Heng gave a speech or shall I say talk in e audi. Blah2..on yr 2 & of coz us, e yr 1. 2 acs student trferin to our course. Both me kenal. Zila to ISF whereas Fadilah to mine. Cool!! Another jahanamz!! The 12th to be exact. Cian Fel tak dpt trf to mine reason being is full. Geez..it wd b fun if he did join us. Aan lak dah quit sch coz she can't cope. Wanna wk @ her gf's place. Wish ya luck!! After e speech, my class had to do spring cleaning @ e audi itself. Malasnya!! We all kinda slack coz no CA around to supervise us. Apa lagi..lepak2 ah. Was dismissed early around 1030. Had an early lunch with e jahanamz - Hana, Sikin, Linda, Rehan & both Nuruls. Talk & discuss abt future plans. Hopefully my goals will be achieve. Insyallah. Below are my new time table:-

Mon : 0800-1500 (Mon blues)
Tue : 1000-1700 ( long day)
Wed : 1000-1500 (mid week)
Thu : 0800-1500 (it's near wkend)
Fri : 0800-1300 (tgif!!)

Sigh!! Feeling lonely. Missing him...BEAU RESRVIST FOR A WK..ARGHHHHHHH!!

Yeah, you are a lot like me, but it wd probably be a
silent convo after awhile.

Are you anything like me?
brought to you by Quizilla

Lovers' embrace
Your French name is
It means 'beloved'.
You need to love and be loved. You love with all of
your heart, and expect the same in return. What
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What is your French name?
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You obviously shouldn't have taken this quiz. You are just an ordinary human.
To the world you are a normal person. You have a
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Your Movie: Robots...

To The World, You Are A... (girls specifically but if a guy wants to take it go ahead)
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You have a popular Love. You're lucky, you get to
pick from a big crowd of boys.

What Kind of Love do you have?
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You are the all natural chap stick.

What is your chapstick flavor?
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Yup, u seem like the one...

R u the chick 4 me? KOOL PICS
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colours fill my life with wonders Love

It's all abt us
Sunday, November 20, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Juz a NORM day for U
Friday, November 18, 2005

Listening to : Waterfalls (TLC)
Feeling : Anticipated
Wanting : Get loads of rest 4 2morrow

Alhamdullilah. Dad & uncles selamat naik bus to KL. Hopefully, they arrived KL safely.

Can't wait for 2morrow. Going Jalan Raya with BEAU & frens. Hmm..1st impression counts. First stop : his house @ Simei. Meeting time : 11am++++

Gtg. Getting up early tomorrow.


You are pumpernickel! A solid mid-european bread
made of rye and malt. Black, thick and hard you
will digest over the course of months. You are
at your best without any additions.

What kind of bread are you?
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colours fill my life with wonders Love

Do We Know?
Thursday, November 17, 2005

Listening to : Makin Aku Cinta (Krisdayanti & Anang)
Feeling : Anxious
Wanting : Hit My Computer Screen

Aku & dirimu
Dijadikan satu
Langit jadi saksi

Makin Aku Cinta...

Wanna say CONGRATS to ISA chickz for passing!! As 4 me, access denied due 2 pwd. Bingitz!! Terpaksa reset come sch reopens. Just had my quick lunch. Rice with sambal ikan bilis. A plain one. Watching my diet tho. Gettin e areas toned up. Meetin mum @ SGH clinic C @ 1600hrs. She's havin an appt.

Gtg & siap2


Your fantasy love will be about a girl and boy in
love but they keep it a sercert for personal

Quote: Your secert is now my secert...... and that
makes it our secert..... ~.^

What is your fantasy love life?(Beauitful Anime Pictures) Guys/Girls
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u r a girly girl(perp) just like Paris Hilton

*~Wat Celebrity Style R U~* (((( $$$PICS$$$))))
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U would become a FAIRY! A love for nature and the
creatures of the forest, fairies are spirited
little creatures who love beauty and art, just
like u probably do. U probably love to do
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01. If u were to become a mythical/magical creature what would u become?(COOL PICS!!! 8 RESULTS!)
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colours fill my life with wonders Love

Hopefully We R Meant 2 B
Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Listening to : Stick With You (PussyCatDolls)
Feeling : Aching
Wanting : Need an urut!!

Pronto!! Wakeup Sally Melly Belly!! Hehhe..Hanzz gave me tt nick.. Geez!! Anyway, RESULTS BESOK SEH!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!! TATOT AH!! Insyallah doakan semogaku berjaya iya!! Tot of meetin BEAU earlier but tak jadi. Had to send Dad to clinic. Get well soon ya Dad-in-law. Kwang2. Legs aching from yesterday's running @ e treadmill. Phew!! Feels so good!! Im psychoin Mak to gym. She agreed. Damn!! Im a GYM freak now!!

Im hungry!! Feel like eatin instant noodles. Dah lama tak mkn. But once a while aje..banyak MSG!!


You r a magical creature with magic powers. You are
creative and beautiful.

What creature are you? (great anime pics.)
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Whenever there's a down poor you feel as though
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Spotted Hyena
Spotted Hyena
You love to be with others and try to keep the
peace, wanting everyone to be happy.

What animal would you turn into?
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You are Kenshin. Although you are almost
undefeatable, you do not like to fight. You are
very quick and smart, and easily come up with
solutions. Although you try to avoid fighting,
you always seem to end up in fights anyway. You
are very kind and people like you.

What kinda of character are you?
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colours fill my life with wonders Love

What's My Goals?? Really...
Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Listening to : Nobody Knows (TonyRichProject)
Feeling : Bingity!!
Weather : Cloudy
Feeling : BashUp TT Lipstick!!

WTF!! Who r u to tell me tt im STILL stubborn!! So..I aint urs anymore..QUIT telling me what to do..blah..blah..blah!! U R DAMN GROSS TO ME...IF DAH SAKIT..WAT'S UR WIFEY FOR?? SIMPAN CANTIK2 BUAT PERHIASAN EH?? ITS DAMN BULLSHIT TO ME!!

Discordian: You're a trickster at heart. Your
personal motto should be, "'Tis an ill
wind that blows no minds." Life is fun
and you were meant to play. Read the for more

Which Witch are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Lame SekaLi
Monday, November 14, 2005

Listening to : Dreamlover (Mariah Carey)
Weather : Sunny
Mood : Swing
Wanting : Any Ideas Pple?

Am I being forgotten by them? Being a senior or what so ever is ain't WORTH it?
Feel like quitting but that's so childish!!
Standup for my right!!

you hate coffee * runs and hides* how dare you.. we
could never be friends ... oh well its all

do you love coffee as much as me?
brought to you by Quizilla

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Listening to : Let Me Love Ya- Reggaeton Mix -(Mario)
Weather : Sunny
Feeling : Kinky Shit..kwang3
Wanting : Spa Pls!!
Im Readin : Bring Deeps (Elizabeth Arthur)

Phew!! Abg's frens fr 'Struck By Red' came over for Raya. 20 pple..Imagine tt..Naik van bus. Driven by his own fren. Mum's menu is Nasi Goreng leftovers fr semlm & Sayur Lodeh. Yum2. Yet to have my brunch.

gtg. Wanna eat. Jemput!!


Half Pointed: You find yourself asking why you
should or should not take action. Because of
this most of the time you are to late to do
anything because you have wasted to much time
asking questions. You are loyal but only untill
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Where do your loyalties lie?
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colours fill my life with wonders Love

What TeLah Happen 2 Us?
Saturday, November 12, 2005

Listening to : Belly Dancer (Akon)
Feeling : Mad
Wanting : To Box..arghh!!


duhai kekasih pujaan hatiku
dapatkah kau memberiku satu arti
sedikit rasa yang bisa ku mengerti
bukan sumpah atau janji

buktikanlah bila kau ada cinta
setulus hatimu bisa menerima
sebatas kejujuran yang kau miliki
bukan sekedar bersama

jujurlah padaku bila kau tak lagi setia
tinggalkanlah aku bila tak mungkin bersama
jauhi diriku, lupakanlah aku

jujurlah padaku bila kau tak lagi setia
tinggalkanlah aku bila tak mungkin bersama
jauhi diriku, lupakanlah aku selamanya

colours fill my life with wonders Love


Listening to : Get Dwn on It (Blue Featuring Lil Kim)
Weather : Cloudy
Feeling : Hot!!
Wanting : Sleep

Burpz!! Juz had my breakfast. Fried Rice. Yum2. Gonna fry chicken wings later. Cuz Herman & his fiance comin over for Raya. BEAU's goin out Raya with his family. As for me, home it is. Guess gonna edit my pics before putting up in here for you guys!!

Cuz Liyana : U hv a cuz named Ain? She's in Sri Anggerik.
You are...Air! Air is the element of justice,
change, swiftness, and the intellectual.

Spiritual change requires thought, determination,
acceptance, and willingness to let things go.

Colors - White, bright yellow, crimson, light blue

Animals: Spiders, Birds, Winged Insects

Tree: Aspen

Stones: Topaz, Pumice, Mica

Rituals: Intuition, Remembrance

Which Natural Element Are You? + Anime Pics
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colours fill my life with wonders Love

Just Purely Me
Friday, November 11, 2005

Listening to : Dont Luv Ya No More (Im Sorry)-Craig David
Weather : Sunny
Feeling : Happy..
Wanting : Out & Buy Stuff

R We Fading away?

You are a Tyger. You like sports, and will probably
one of the best when you leave school. Along
lines you find school is ok, but would prefer to be
with friends or outside playing a game. You love
time, and it I may be so bold, you have a bit of a
for fun and advencher. Rock on!!

What type of animal are you? (girls only!)
brought to you by Quizilla

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Chicken Lil'

Listening to : Permaisuri (Data)
Feeling : Fresh
Wanting : Get my damn tummy TONED UP!!

I had fun yesterday with my chikz. Jgn lupa send pics ah!! I had to waitup for mine. Kena kasih alik digi to BEAU!!


you are fun-loving. you love to do whatever you
want at the time, and anything you do is fun...
all cuz of you! :)

What is really inside your heart?
brought to you by Quizilla

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Bon Voyage
Thursday, November 10, 2005

Listening to : Ur Body (Pretty Ricky)
Weather : Cloudy
Feeling : Xcited
Wanting : Meet My ISA Chixz

fINALLY..the day hv come. Jalan Raya with my chixz. C ya guyz!! Altho left with 9 pple..we sure will ROCK!! Got to spend time with BEAU yesterday!! Thks BEAU for $$ raya!! Muackz. Not 4getting borrowin ur digi. Muackz!! Love ya loads!! In e eve, out with my parents to Tanjong Pagar railway statn to send off Tok Johari & family. SELAMAT PERGI & KEMBALI KE TANAHAIR!! Got to buy these nice fritters that I loved!! Yum2.. Everyone came to send off xcept Liyana, Puteri, Iqrak, Ifran & Freako. Took pics courtesy of BEAU'S digi. Cik Edie send us home after that.

BEAU..Being with ya is e best ever!! U Noe tt dont cha *winkz

Kissy ^_^
Your a romantic girl! You love your man very much
and will do anything to make sure he's happy.
Your all into kissing and always hope that he
will love you like you love him!

What Type of girl are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Listening to : U & Me (Lifehouse)
Weather : Warm
Feeling : bURNEDuP
Wanting : In Need of a holiday


Your name is Emiko you ar blessed with talent for
the arts and have beauty inside and out ^_^

Whats your Japanese name .::Girls Only::. *~Anime Pics~*
brought to you by Quizilla

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Listening to : Run it (Chris Brown Feat Juelz Santana)
Weather : Sunny
Feeling : Fluish
Wanting : Massage anyone?

Aru abis lipat kain. Dad's appt went well. No surgery needed to be done as it's free from the danger stage. The next appt is next yr. Went back by NEL.

Hmm..mum tgh rempah e chicken wings. Guess Tok Johari & familia fr KL is coming over.

So much for an outing this 10th. From 20 heads to 9. Hmm..still blur on the new arrangement. Gonna ask CT.


You are bored. You want to move on. You only chose
this quiz to solve the mystery of the point.
Thus, I'll be nice and let you in on it. The
point is....this quiz has no point!Haha, aren't
I a genius?
Alright then, Bai Bai! Have a nice Life!^^

What's the point of this quiz?(BEAUTIFUL PICS!)
brought to you by Quizilla

U r a human, ya know.. wats the point? obviously u
already knew that....

Wat r u a Vampire or a Princess? (gurls only w/ pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Ola peepz..Juz wanna share My BEAU's family Raya Pics..Enjoy!!  Mine lum siap ah!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Shirah - cutie pie

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
My Familia - To- B..heheh
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Art-D & AzLee
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Siblings...Art-D, Kak Lin & AzLee
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Parents & Their Heroes
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Anugerah 2020..hehe

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Come Ler
Saturday, November 05, 2005

Listening to : Switch (Will Smith)
Weather : Cool
Feeling : Raya Mood
Wanting : Abiskan jln Raya

Still having flu. Damn it! Bila nak baik..geez. Gonna take my medicine before I go to bed.


Had a tiring day yesterday. 6 houses we conqured. Almost all parts of Sg. Took chartered BusPlus. Thks to Cik Eddie, my uncle!! First house was mine. Mum cooked Nasi Lemak. Havent taste it yet till now. Too full. Loads of pics taken courtesy of Cuz Nad, Norin & Liyana. Not 4getting my hp, dad's & bro's. Waitup for them.

BEAU cant make it coz out with familia. Its k!! 19th mesti jadik!!

Things to buy

Bare in mind - results on Wed..i think


Which Teen Girl Squad character are you?
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Samuri- You're an honarable samuri who will dy for
her family, but if you were known as a samuri,
then you would be hunted down and killed, as
would your family.

What is your secret identity? (anime pics-girls only)
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You are blessed with the gift of tongues.
You are an extremely friendly person to be around
with, and it's hard to ever hate you. You seem
to make friends with everyone you meet. People
are attreacted to your charm, and can't help
but feel comfortable around you. This also goes
for the animals, who seem to understand your
language as well as you can understand thiers.
Whenever there is a language barrier blocking
your way, you break it down with ease. You know
how to communicate with those who can't speak
your language, and in no time make a quick
friend. Man are you happy-go-lucky!

Everyone has a secret ability. What is yours? (7 answers with pics)
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colours fill my life with wonders Love

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