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Makan Besar
Saturday, May 31, 2008

Location: Central
Reading: Jamilia (Chingiz Aitmtov)

Time check is 1517.

First & formost, I would like to say my condolences to Fadzillah for the loss of his mum. I received his sms this morning at 0859. Be strong and do take care of yourself. As for Junaidi, Selamat Pengantin Baru. Semoga berkekalan hingga ke anak cucu. Nikah 1 lafas eh..hehhe. Sorry for unable to attend your wedding due to work.

I came an hour late today as I went to the Ntl lib 1st. Im done with my 2 bks so I returned and borrowed Ujang comic and an eng romance novel. Now Im done reading the comic.

He's fetching me today. Org nk belanja....hahaha

That's abt it.

Hv a skin Saturday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Heavy Head
Friday, May 30, 2008

Location: Home
Listening To: Touch My Body (Mariah Carey)

Time check is 1444.

Woke up earlier with a throbbing headache. Kinda woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Feeling so lethargic. *geez

Going to the library later before heading to class.

Nothing much to blog anyway. I have a sudden craveness for cup noodles...hehehe

That is all.

Have a famous Friday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Location: Central

Time check is 1557.

I wd like to thk Yanee & Taufiq whom cameby my booth to accompany me throughout their lunch period. Appreaciated it. Taufiq, u hv fun @ DXO ya. Nt 4getting - Hapy Birthday to Ain & Khairul. Semoga ALLAH pjgkan umurmu & dimurahkan rezeki.

Mama packed for me Pandan cake and salad. I've yt to eat them as Im still full from ma lunch with Yanee @ Apollo centre.

As for wk, I've called 8 cabs so far and the petty cash Im nw left is $3. Lucky Nora is coming by ltr b4 5pm to pass me the additional $. I hope there's no shoppers needed a cab by this period.

That's all.

Hv a thought Thurs.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Working Routine
Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Location: Central
Reading: Under e boardwalk (Carly Phillips)

Time check is 1146.

A mendak start off.

Mama packed 3 egg sandwiches to last for the day.

Oh ya, Shah came by yesterday and bought BK for me. Thks bro!!

Nw for the birthday wishes. Hapy birthday to Char2, Cha2 & Anis. Enjor ur day to e fullest.

That's abt it.

Hv a wallop Wed.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

No Title
Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Location: Central
Readin: Full Speed (Janet Evanovich & Charlotte Hughes)

Time check is 1226.

It is raining heavily outside. Only 2 taxi call bookings so far.

Brought along chocolate chip bread, Jap cucumber & apple juice. I'll be buying my mineral water from the store in front ltr. They are kind enough to give me 5% disc. I also ran out of white top for work. Had to ask Mama to buy for me as able to claim bck up till $40.

That is all.

Hv a tender Tues.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

My First Rest Day
Monday, May 26, 2008

Location: Home
Listening: Irreplacable (Beyonce)

Time check is 1535.

Am too engrossed reading the current romance novel. Really got me hooked big time.

Woke up around 1130 to pleasure my aching body. Am later heading to the library for the usuals before going to class. For this week, I will be working on Tuesday till Thursday and continuing the weekends. What a week it will be.

Sadly, he will be away for reservist for 2 wks.

That's all.

Hv a move Mon.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Tk paham ke bahasa
Sunday, May 25, 2008

Location: Central
Readin: Daring to dream (Nora Roberts)

Time check is 1351.

So mendak now. Only 1 cab to call earlier. That was like 1.5 hrs ago.

Nevertheless, still hv wireless connection, my book and the game on the lappy to pass the time & keep me co.

For breakfast, I reheat the petite crossaints I bought yesterday and bought Mango juice fr Sun Moon. Still soft as ever. For lunch, Mama packed for me boiled brocolli. Have to eat my greens to lose those extra flabby of mine. As for dinner, ain't sure if Im eating.

Come visit me here if free. @ least me aint gonna b so bored.

Hapi 20th birthday to Nana. Enjoy the digit 2 *grinz

That's it all.

Have a sentuments Sunday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

First Day @ Central
Saturday, May 24, 2008

Location: Central
Listening: Realize (Collie Calliat)

Side View



My friend, Fadzillah, wanna sell off this Black Levis high cut sneakers @ $100. Worn only 3 times. Interested parties, please contact him @ 98719727 or email him mambo07@hotmail.com. Offer stands till someone buy it.

Am now @ Central working. Lucky got wireless connection, if not I'll be bored to death. So far so gd. I just make frens with the auntie next door whom tending to a laundry store.

That is all.

Have a subway Saturday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Friday, May 23, 2008

Locatn: Home
Listenin: Beat It (Fall Out Boy feat John Mayer)

Time check is 1334.

Am enjoyin ma Wall's lime vanilla ice cream. while waiting for roti boyan to heat up in the oven. The weather is unspeakable.

Having class ltr. Can't believe that am startin wk 2morrow. It's gonna b a retail shift. I remember last I had tt kind of shift was when I landed ma 1st job in Tangs 11 yrs ago. It's a vacatn job while waitin 4 ma N levels result. I'll be workin @ Central which's situated @ Clark Quay. Timing is from 1100 till 2200. My only rest days is when I've classes. Alhamdullilah. My job scope is taxi concierge. That means getting cab for the shoppers. It will be a boring job as it's a one woman show but what the hell, am paid good bucks for 18 days job assignment.*grinz Thanks to Nora, the event executive. Not forgetting Rizal BFC, whom recommended me the job. He's Nora beau. So Nora, I'll c u 2morrow.

My roti boyan is ready to be eaten. That's my brunch.

That's abt it.

Have a far Fri.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Double Thriller
Thursday, May 22, 2008

Location: Home
Listening: Better In Time (Leona Lewis)

Time check is 1318.

Feeling estatic is the word of the day.


Congratulations to my Red Devils for clinching the Champions League which make a perfect fit to the puzzle. They had also clinched premier league 2 wks ago. I am content.

E Finale

As for American Idol 2008, congratulations to David Cook. I didn't know his elder brother is battling with brain cancer till I read up some news that I came across in the internet. This is a plus for David.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Man U
Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Location: Home
Listenin: Damaged (Danity Kane)
Readin: Gila2 Mei 2008 (Edisi 687)

Time check is 2250.


I went goosebumps upon hearing his voice. Thks to Kautsar *grinz

Am watching American Idol now. David A. to win. Let's just see the results tomorrow.

That is all.

Have a weeds Wednesday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Location: Home
Listening: With u (Chris Brown)
Reading:Ujang Edisi 332 15/5/08


Time check is 2328.


Hapi 21st birthday to my brother. Semoga ALLAH pjgkan umurmu & dimurahkan rezeki. Hope you like the tee & perfume. I still owe u RiverIsland shopping spree. Love you loads.

As for my KL trip, it was fantabulous..the bonding, laughter, wedding, eating & of cz the SHOPPING. It's never been enough tho *winks. Pics will be uploaded upon compilatn with the rest of ma cuzs' digi.

That's abt it.

Hv a trigger Tues.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Being cruel
Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Location: Home
Listenin 2: Hollywood not America (Ferras)

Time check is 0200.

They both are family to me. Why can't you get that?

My confidence level is zoomed right off the charts & Im loving every single bit of it.

2 more days to KL. Seating arrangements will be like our 2nd day of Hari Raya, the usuals. Can't wait.

That's about all.

Hv a written Wed.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Location: Home
Listening To: L.O.V.E (Ashlee Simpson)
Reading: Too Perfect (Julie Ortolon)

Time check is 1830.

Happy Birthday to the siblings, Kak Nolin & Azlee. Semoga ALLAH panjangkan umurmu & dimurahkan rezeki. I love you both & definetely being missed.

I am definetely feeling the gitters. Sighz

Heading to the library later.

That is all.

Have a talking Tuesday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Location: Home
Listening 2: If it's ok with u (Shane Wayne)
Reading: Singletini (Amanda Trimble)

Time check is 1733.

Happy mother's day to all. Happy enjoying this day to the
fullest. As for my Mama, we had a lil celebration with pizzas & her favourite cake. Thank you for everything. I Love you.

2nite is the BOMB..tuned to the match on football channel at 2155 k.

It's swollen...& am still feeling the tingles.

That's abt it.

Have a stirred Sun.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

His First Day
Saturday, May 10, 2008

Location: Home
Listening To: 4 In The Morning (Gwen Stefani)
Reading: Spellbound (Nora Roberts)

Time check is 1717.

He had started his first day earlier today @ 1300. Hope he had a great one. Instantly with such changes, we both would not be meeting that often but it is for the best.

As for me, heading to the library.

That's abt it.

Hv a seals Sat.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Hapi 4 ya
Friday, May 09, 2008

Location: Home
Listening To: Carry u home (James Blunt)

Time check is 1201.

I am so happy with the good news for both of us. He starting his new job at New Balance Velocity tomorrow and myself on end May for 2 wks assignmt tt's paying me $1k. Alhamdullilah.

A short entry for now as he's waiting for me downstairs. We gonna celebrate hvin our lunch @ KFC.

To Cuz Nora, hope u hd a gd 1st day @ ICA yesterday.

That's abt it.

Hv a feel Fri.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Ayat Ayat Cinta
Thursday, May 08, 2008

Location: Home
Listening To: Amaze (Lonestar)
Reading: In A Class By Itself (Sandra Brown)

Time check is 0056.

Am watching the most talked about movie - Ayat2 Cinta via utube. V interesting. Now im in pt 3. 10 more to go. Go catch it.

Hapi birthday Johnny Hartawan. Harap kamu baik2 aja. Kapan mau kawin lor..

That is all.

Have a trying Thursday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Location: Home
Listening To: Put e blame on me (Akon)
Reading: Sunny Chandler's return (Sandra Brown)

Time check is 0010.

Hapy 13th to US!!!!

That's abt it.

Hv a terasa Tues.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Wing Tai Asia
Monday, May 05, 2008

Location: Home
Listening to: Bouncy2 smack2 (Don n Drew)


Time check is 1416.

He's havin an interview today with Wing Tai Asia. Hopefully, he got it. InsyaAllah.

The only pic available in the net.

Happy birthday to Abg Hatta!!! Hope u like the gift and enjoy urself 2day ah. Sorry had to put up an "old" pic of ya =p. Not forgetting..Jennifer too. Happy birthday babe.

Lastly to Irfan & Rezal, have a great 1st day at ur new wkplace.

That is all.

Have a making Monday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Mkn Lagi
Sunday, May 04, 2008

Location: Home
Listening To: Unfaithful (Rihanna)
Reading: Too Perfect (Julie Ortolon)

Time check is 0043.

I am needed at Yishun household as there is a celebration for Abang Hatta's advanced birthday. The actual is tomorrow. Before that, heading to the library and get his present before going there. Ain't sure what to get for this brother steward. Suggestions anyone?

As for the English Premier League, Manchester United defeated West Ham by 4 goals to 1 and Chelsea is 3 points behind...Hw sad..Nevertheless, we shall be celebrating in style in 8 days' time when versus Wigan. Can't wait.

Oh ya, Hapi birthday Shayln. Sori I smsed u a day earlier..gt mixed up ah..

That's abt it.

Hv a silly Sunday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Say It Again
Friday, May 02, 2008

Location: Home
Listening To: Jgn pernah berubah (Marcell)

Time check is 1336.

Damn humid. I wish I could just jump into a pool and stay there till I pruned up.

Going to run my errands before heading to class tonight, if time permits me.

That's about it.

Have a full Friday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

What a Labour
Thursday, May 01, 2008

Location: Home
Listenin 2: With u (Chris Brown)

Time check is 1740.

Feeling very sleepy despite the humid surrondings.

& so MAN U will meet the blues in Moscow.....Kita akan angkat ler...& also the EPL...

Not much to blog anyway. Off to nap. *yawnz

To you - thks for the "Janet".

That's abt it.

Hv a thought Thurs and hapi Labour day to all.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

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