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Presentation Time
Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Location: AOA
Listening to: Ibu (Taufik Batisah)

FrontPage dateline is extended till 2nd March, Friday.

Marketing Presentation up next after this. Hope it goes well. Insyallah!!

Oh ya, Happy 26th Birthday to Sabrina. Happy2 always ya.

That's about it.

Have a Wicked Wednesday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Nice Sally
Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Location: Home
Listening to: My Love (Justin Timberlake)

Dah 20 ah!!

Happy 20th Birthday to Nurul Tinggi aka Nonoi & 17th to Boi. Happy2 always ya.

Having SW Theory test @ 1315 @ Audi. Had to stay back 1 hr for it cz I end class @ noon. Geez..hope it end sooner.

That's abt it.

Have a Tremendous Tuesday

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Show Off That Hot Bods
Monday, February 26, 2007

Location: AOA
Listening to: Show Me The Money (Petey Pablo)

Frontpage time. Haiyah

Im so hungry now. Tummy rumbling.

So Kautsar, movie on tak?

Oh ya, new pics uploaded. Happy viewing.

That's abt it.

Have a Motonous Monday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Hapy Sally
Sunday, February 25, 2007

Location: Home
Listening to: Dilemma (Nelly Feat Kelly Rowland)

I was bored to death. Nevertheless, I overcome it all. Im a homely gal today =p

That's abt it.

Have a Sazzy Sunday

colours fill my life with wonders Love

So Many Ah
Saturday, February 24, 2007

Location: Home
Listening to: Saving All My Love For You(Whitney Houstan)

It's 0350. Im playing Monopoly online with the coupling, Rosie & Jo.

Errands for today:-

Meet Ucu @ BL @ 1330
Meet Cuzzinz @ Yishun @ 1415
Meet Nizam around 2100 to Pasir Ris Chalet

That's about it.

Have a Seductive Saturday

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Threading Time I Think
Friday, February 23, 2007

Location: Home
Listening to: Tell Me (P Diddy Feat Christina Aguilera)

Feeling very hungry now. Mama bought my favourite Wanton Noodle from Joo Chiat & also not forgetting the banana fritters but I have to endure till she's home around 1700. That will be my brunch cum early dinner.

Congrats to Fantastic Four for making it through the next round of The Dancefloor.

Nothing much to blog today. Oh ya, my prepaid have died on me so sms or call me at home. I will top up provided Im going out later.

Back to housechores. Meeting Nizam @ 2000 for movie @ PS later.

That's about it.

Have a Flirtish Friday

colours fill my life with wonders Love

I Show Tragedy With My Black Eye - Given By Kautsar
Thursday, February 22, 2007

Location: AOA
Listening to: The Way U Look Tonight (Michael Buble)

Happy 25th Birthday Remie!!

Happy birthday to Remie. Hapy2 always.

Have a gd 1st day at work, Kautsar & congrats tt Liverpool won ah.

Very full nw as I had grilled fish for lunch. Burpz

That's abt it.

Have a Tango Thursday

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Location: Home
Listening to: Jangan Lepaskan (KRU)
Reading: Blinded (Stephen White)

Happy 21st Birthday Wani

First & formost I would like to start off with birthday wishes. Happy 21st Birthday to Wani. Dah 21 seh!! Happy2 always ya. Hope you did enjoy the cake. *Psst - basi ke tak? Kwang2

Not forgetting Happy 27th Birthday to my secondary school mate, Faezan. Saw her @ MOS last week. Happy2 always to you to & ride safely ya.

I was so lethargic in school till I took a quickie nap while waiting for HRA lesson. End up, I was awaken by peeps as class being changed to A3-02 (Computer Lab). Loh was nagging away to do the May 02 paper but nevetheless I was so sleepy till slept in my seat.

After school, Yanee & mua bought Manja March edition which comes with a free small pouch bag at the Bishan Interchange newstand. She chose black while bronze for myself.

Back home, I took nap in the living room as bro was playing PSP in my room. I slept till 1830.

Caught round 3 of The Dance Floor.2 groups sure caught my eye.

SMS 'D5' to 32623 or dial 1900 112 5505

The taller one is cute. Damn Boi, I loike ur moves. Hubba Hubba

Fantastic Four
SMS 'D8' to 32623 or dial 1900 112 5508

The above made me go bonkers. Was proud of my x dancer, Gino, a Filipino (2nd from right). Miss ya dude.

So have you guys vote yet? I have.

Darn it, pimple breakout on my forhead n 1 in my nose. So irritating.

Lastly, Kautsar eat your hearts out. Man U won fairly ok. Gd luck to your game 2morrow & u need all the luck in the world. *P/s - someone is so into Grease soundtrack. We gonna sing 2gether that particular song you like when we go riding ok.

That's abt it for my upmost long entry.

Have a Weak Wednesday

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Why Seh?
Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Location: Home
Listening to: No 1 (Kanye West Feat Pharell)

Very mondune today. I just woke up @ 1500. Iswandy & his babe, Kiss, got into an accident. Nevertheless they are ok. Thanks to Nizam for the info. Eventually, Nizam & the coupling are now in Sentosa. Happy 27th Birthday to Iskandar's gf. Have fun ya!!

It should have been 21 mths nw..sighz

Back to housechores now.

That's about it.

Have a Tremendous Tuesday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

On A Monday
Monday, February 19, 2007

Location: Home
Listening to: Bisikan Asmara (Siti Nurhaliza)

Happy Chinese New Year to one & all.

So mondune. The only way is to watch movie but nevetheless going to MOS with Iswandy & frens later. Somi yet to confirm as he may have to overtime. So I got 10 tickets left but yet to get it fr Sgt Al-Khair. Anyone game for it? Beep or text me.

Back to housechores then.

That's about it.

Have a Madness Monday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Littlest Things
Sunday, February 18, 2007

colours fill my life with wonders Love

What Have I done to myself?
Friday, February 16, 2007

Location: Home
Listening to: Put Your Records On (Corinne Bailey Ree)

Still feeling lethargic. The medicine aint working at all.

Have a long weekend including the holidays.

That's about it.

Jangan Pernah Berubah Bebek

I had to accept the fact it is not me.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

My Turn Now
Thursday, February 15, 2007

Location: Home
Listening to: Bring It Back (Moloko)

Darn it!! My turn now feeling under the weather. Went to the doctor but no MC given. I was so weak. Didnt go school. Will go tomorrow if Im feeling better.

Happy 25th birthday to Hanis.

Congrats to Styles From Beyond for making it the next round. Thank you to Rixxal fr Breakforce Crew for the news.

That's abt it.

Have a Tandalizing Thursday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Any Other Ordinary Day
Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Location: AOA
Listening to: Whatever, Whenever (Shakira)

Waiting for Mrs Choong to come in so Im starting this entry.

A very lively yet motivating morning assembly I had today. All lovey dovey stuff.

Oh ya, earlier in the bus otw 2 sch, met a relative of mine, Giman's sis, gg to her fren's crib.

Hope Sikin brought her adaptor so tt I can charge Ucu's digi which eventually is still with me.

Happy birthday Hilza!! Miss ya babe!! Enjoy ur day aite!!

Thks Char2 for the choc. Yummy!! Muackz!!

That's abt it.

Have a Wicked Wed.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Location: AOA
Listening to: That Girl (Frankie J Feat Manny Fresh)

Still learning FrontPage.

Meeting Ucu later to return his digi & off to Suntec. Probably also heading to Pacific Coffee Raffles Link because they just revamped the place so I wanna check it out. Thanks Mon for informing me of it.

That's abt it.

Have a Tempting Tuesday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

A Lil Star Waiting For Him To Notice
Monday, February 12, 2007

Location: Home
Listening to: Waiting For Tonight (J Lo)
Im reading: One Night For Love (Mary Balogh)

Had late supper with Fendi & how small worlie it is. Joe who joined us later was an old friend whom I knew way back in late 2003. We either watch "Norbit" or "Epic Movie" next week aite.

Mama is making pineapple tarts as usual as Chinese New Year around the corner. Had to go Phoon Huat Toa Payoh to buy 3 extra packets of the fillings. 1kg per packet. Damn heavy!!

School was very relaxed. Not much to do. Started to do FrontPage. 1 more month to Marketing final paper.

That's about it.

Have a Monster Monday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

I Go Crazy
Sunday, February 11, 2007

Prom pics are ready for viewing. Go under Pics Galore.

Going to the library later to destress myself.

Back to housechores first.

That's abt it.

Have a Sultry Sunday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Seseorang Yang Lemah
Saturday, February 10, 2007

Location: Home
Listening to: Since You Been Gone Remix (Kelly Clarkson)

This is going to be a long entry. So bear with me. It is high time I type this out.

Aint sure if he's reading this but here goes :-

Dear Le Bebe aka Art-d

Fancy me typing this out to you rather than talking in person. Since September, we both been falling out with each other, others seems to think we are such a lovey dovey couple from the outside. In the inside, ALLAH saja yang tahu. I know I have made a mistake but it seems you really took it too seriously this time. You quoted "I had enough of you" and you DESPISE me. Who isnt hurt when the one you LOVE say this via MSN.

Lots of things happenned when you are not by my side. I was so depressed but where were you? On my 26th birthday, I was so happy that you were the 1st person who smsed me. I was smiling away. Unfortunately, it's YOUR FRIENDS who made an effort to plan a small bash for me. Where were you again? Here I was hoping you would just popped out & surprised me but wishful thinking of me.

On your sister's wedding left a deep impact in me. Not a single word came out fr ur mouth. We were so distant apart & being strangers. As e saying goes, So near yet so Far. I was hurt that you never ran after me when I left, knowing that Im leaving for KL e next day.

Eversince beginning of this year, I can see that you have been enjoying yourself partying & all by veiwing @ your pics. I was glad to see you smile but underneath me I was sad. I still hope for you everynow & then but eventually another wishful thinking of me.

I decided not to go to your kenduri 2day as I myself half hearted. Knowing that Im not really that strong as I used to be. Honestly, I do MISS you & your family.

I just wished that you would just go up to me & tell me what's going through your heart & mind all this while, rather then leave me hanging on a thin string alone. I deserved to know Bebek.

Lastly, I apologized if any of this contents hurt you. All this is what Im feeling truly from the bottom of my heart. Bebek are free to comment or type an entry in here.

B aka Sally

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Remembering The Times
Friday, February 09, 2007

Location: Home
Listening to: Superstar (Jamelia)

Finally, the day have come. Can't wait to see my babes dolling up. Meeting Rosie @ 1530 @ Toa Payoh. Going Watson 1st before heading to her fren's @ Whampoa for the makeup & hair thingy.

Back to kitchen chores & getting ready.

That's about it.

Have a Fantasic Friday. I know I will.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

1 more day
Thursday, February 08, 2007

Location: Extra Class AOA

Happy birthday to Zila.

AOA CA ltr. Wish me luck.

1 more day to prom. Very xcited.

Nurul Z - Love ur new hair. Maintain kepala ah. Hehhe

That's abt it.

Have a Tasty Thurs.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Presenting Mua Babes
Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Location: AOA

ISA Formal

ISA Informal

Us (some missing)

Taken last Mon.

Running some errands.

2 more days to prom. Got mixed up on the hotel names & locatn.

Hapy Birthday
to Yosie.

That's abt it.

Hv a Wicked Wed.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Sweet Escape..
Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dedicated the above to Le Bebe.

Good luck to ISA babes for HRA CA later.

3 more days to prom. Can't wait.

Congrats to Abg Ezam & Zulaiha on the arrival of their prince on yesterday @ 2015 in Mt. E Hsp. Im hapy 4 ya both.

Going to town karaoking with Rosie, Big & Jo.

That's abt it.

Hv a Tasty Tues.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

We Won
Monday, February 05, 2007

Location: Home
Listening to: Always By Your Side (Sheryl Crow)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Team Singapore

Congrats to our home boys who clinched ASEAN FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP 2007 cup yesterday. Bravos & kudos to Khairul Amri for that winning goal.

It is our photo-taking today. ISA babes, vogue time!!

MAN U won against Tottenham Hotspur. 4 - 0 man.

Happy 29th birthday to Rashid. Hv fun in Bali

Let's say Al-Fateha to Le Bebe's late Baba who left us exactly a yr ago. I miss you so.

That's abt it.

Have a madness Monday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

It Is The Finals People
Sunday, February 04, 2007

Location: Home
Listening to: Me Against The Music Remix (Britney Spears Feat Madonna)

Im left to buy the bangle from Diva. Hope it is still there.

Finally, the 2nd leg of Asean Football Championship 2007 between Thailand VS Singapore is here. Hope the lions do well in there. I hope it's gonna b an interesting one & a fight till the end.

That's abt it.

Back to HRA.

Hv a Sweet Sunday

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Location: Home
Listening to: Irresplaceble (Beyonce)
Weather: Sunny

Just woke up. Very shagged.

Wani just smsed that pay is able to withdraw. Finally. I guess happy for the rest too. Happy shopping people!!

Going to town to get my prom stuff before meeting Amie.

That's about it.

Back to HRA.

Have a Soothing Saturday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Leceh Seh
Friday, February 02, 2007

Location: Home
Listening to: Dance With Somebody (Whitney Houstan)
Weather: Sunny

Just got home 20 minutes ago. Went to the Maybank@HDBHub with Norita to activate our MayBank Mastercard Electronic Debit Card as was told by Mr Chua. While waiting for our number to be called, Wani called & told us need not any activation. Geez...next up, we went to the ATM to check. BALANCE ACCOUNT: $0.00 LEDGER ACCOUNT: $0.00. Damn it!! Upon being serve by the Customer Service Officer, she checked & also mention no funds in.
Very the kecohrable now.

On another note, exactly next week is the PROM. I've yet to buy a few items. Dress, clutch bag & heels (CHECK)

Meeting Rosie & Big 7pm @ e usuals. Mayb Lokkie joinin provided booked out early.

That's abt it

Have a Freezing Friday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Such Drama
Thursday, February 01, 2007

Location: Home
Listening to: Dejavu (Beyonce Feat Jay Z)

Finally NAPFA is over. Very shagged from it tho.

Yesterday's match was SO MUCH DRAMA. Eventually I had fun with Wani, Yanee, Yana (Yanee's sis) & e rest of Ash's classmates.

Pay is tomorrow or by end of this wk.

Kautsar - Congrats on passing your TP motor.

That's abt it.

Heading bck to hsechores & HRA.

Have a Teasing Thursday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

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