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Bestnya Shopping!!
Sunday, July 31, 2005

Listening to : You Don't Know My Name(Alicia Keys)
Weather : Sunny abis

Meet Beau before he went to work. Had lunch @ Ayam Penyet Lucky Plaza. His treat. Kenyang banget!! Next, shopping time. Went 2 Heeren Flash & Splash. Beau bought himself 2 tees,slippers and a Brown Voodoo Dolls Tee 4 mua. Tima Kasih Ayg!! Lap u many2!! After that, took train to Bedok. Beau went off to work whereas mua took cab to 209 Tamp St 21 - NDP Celebration. Had 2 slots. Food was great. Dapat $$. Sukanya aku. Next, off to Kallang Theatre again with Ann, Ktiq, Yat n Mua. Last day of show. Kinda tiring but was worth it after all.


Need my beauty sleep. Where are you?

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Penat Siol
Saturday, July 30, 2005

Listenin 2 : Im Only Happy When It Rains (Garbage)

Had NDP rehearsal. Raining cats and dogs. Kasut dahlah masuk air. Lecak lagi. Geez. Kena cuci kasutlah nampaknya. It was great overall. The chairman of e event love our item as he quote, e best in JE!! Kembang abis!! Ended quite late. After that, Baby, Yat n mua went 2 Kallang Theatre n help out. Being stage crew!! Gerek banget. Citernya sedih abis. Sob2. Today is the opening. Lots of pple came.

Sampai sini sahaja iya


colours fill my life with wonders Love

Can't Wait
Friday, July 29, 2005

Location : Access Room
Feeling : Hyper Giler
Wanting : Cepat2 habis sch & meet BEAU

In access room. Mua sistas chixz in the library hub. Lepak2 after heavy lunchie. Burp!! Kenyang abis. Co-op tutup lak. Wanting to buy sour candy strips for BEAU. He loveeeeeeeeee them lots. Had Chicken Cutlet today. Yum2. Next 2 periods gonna be sooooooooooo freee. Mrs Quek tak ader. Ada photo taking later for BZF Project that we all had done earlier. Nak kena pose abis-abisan. Kata nak glamour!! Kwang3. Meeting BEAU. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! He's gonna shop today...Pay Day katakan!!! sekaki leh tak BEAU? *grinz... Gonna overnite at Kallang Theatre. A long day ahead for the wkends. Shows n more shows!! But what the heck!! It's worth it or shall i say I'M WORTH IT!!

Hv a great weekend pple!!


Shout Outs:-
Cuz Liyana & Norin : Gi town tak ajak? Sob2
Freako : 1 more week to go!! Im gonna bring digi. Nanti we take pics banyak2 ok
Apek : Tak menghilang ah! Bz dgn sch n lancing2
Suweet : Mayb we can lepak time me sch holidays, nak???

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Locatn : Acess Rm
Feeling : Xcited as wkends is near
Wantin : Beat up e crap out of e Fuckers in e lib

Ended early coz ada BZF Test. Quite ok. Spotted a few careless mistakes after checkin e textbk. Hope i did well.

I wantin to beat some guys up in the library. Childish Assholes!! Fariha n mua went up e staircase, a shortcut to the access room. E guys laughed at us when we try to push a locked door. We didnt know that of coz. We went down and I shouted, "IT'S OK!!!". Damn it!!

Going home straight after sch. Ending early as a/cs period is pushed forward.


Love ya BEAU!!

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Locatn : B3-02
Listenin 2 : Only 1 (Yellowcard)
Feelin : Mixed up
Wantin : Sleep

Doin a/cs hwk, updatin my pics n typin this entry all @ once. Multi-taskin katakan. *grinz Havin dance prac later studio. Rushin home after sch.


Keepin e entry short n sweet

Pics Hv Been Updated!! Check Them Outz!!


colours fill my life with wonders Love

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Location : B3-02
Listening to : Me Against The Music (Bhangra Remix) (Britney Spears Feat Madonna)
Wanting to : Tidooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Freezing ah!! Sitting under the air con lagi. Lum breakfast lagi. Laparlah!! 3 hours more in the air con room before recess. Lame abis!! Dance practice was great yesterday. Given a new step for 8 Aug at ITE Simei. I likeeeeeeee!! Gonna be real busy next week. Dance practice all the way till National Day. Fuyoooooooo!!
Sorry BEAU!! I overslept while waiting up for ya. Didnt realise your sms till this morn only. Hopefully, get to meet you this Fri. *Grinz.. muackz!!

Shout Outz :-
BEAU :- Tido Sorang2 eh!!! Uwek!!
Cuz Nora : Glad u took mua advice!!

Can't think of anything else.

Flu aint stoppin..Sighz

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Monday, July 25, 2005

Snipets of our fav song :-

When you cry I wanna feel your pain
No Secrets , No Games
All Excitement , Nothing Plain
Keep you happy
Thats my aim
And all you gotta do BEAU is

In My arms In my mind all the time, I wanna
keep you right by my side till I die, I'm gonna
hold you down, make sure everything is right wit you
you can never go wrong if you
down like a real friends supposed to
im trying to show you, the life of somebody like you should be livin
OOOooHHhh Baby Baby
you could never go wrong If you

Love u lots, MUA BEAU LE HOMME...

Art-d & Sally

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Act Your Age!!

Locatn : B3-02
Feelin : Letagic
Wantin : Nak Balik
Listenin 2 : I Love your Smile(Shanice)

Chewin mua gum. Still awaitin 4 MUA BEAU LE HOMME 2 sms. Lupa B ke? Long day ahead. Hvin prac later. Sendin mum's bk after sch. Leceh. Semlm tak suruh. Jeez. I totally had a great wkend. Hope u guyz 2 ya!!

24/7 (Sun)
Woke up early. Mua obek fr Boyan is coming. Had 2 do a lil of marketing. Cik Yati, her mum in law n mua twin, Fifi cAme. Eventually, mua obek, Cik Joe n my dad arrived. Damn, mua obek really looked like my late grandad. Mum cooked a lot. Boyan stuff. I didnt ate though. Decided to bring along Fifi to town. Collecting my hp. It works finally. Saw Beau's kak sedara. Smile n salam her. Had lunch at KFC Lido. Saw Josh at his workplace. Bought a book fr Popular for Fifi. Disney Princess Collection. NIte befalls. my grandparents came with Cuz Norin and family. Aunt Ayu & family 2. Had the best dessert of all. BEN & JERRY NEW YORK FUDGE CHUNK. U guyz shd give a try. Sinful abis.

23/7 (Sat)
Best Day. Went to watch RE:MIX 2005 at Youth Park with BEAU. Thanks for being with me,BEAU. MUACKZ!!! Was an awesome event!! Saw Nurul, Radiah, Alba, Abang Shah & his wifey. Great Movez n energy pple!! Got 3 20% vouchers from the organisers, PONY. Got 3 20% vouchers fr them. Yipee!! Still hasn't decide what to get. Hmm..tees or bags or shoes...hehehe..BEAU Help decide!1 *winkz Oh ya, those who didn't catch the event..Here are the Results :-

1st & $1000 cash + PONY vouchers :-D.A.S.H (x Nurul's Crew)
2nd & $600 cash + PONY vouchers :- Code Amber
3rd & $400 cash + PONY vouchers :- Lupa gp name but they r e ones who prac @ Yishun Dome (sama tempat with us) (aganknya, dome ni bawak tuah lah!!)

Best Dancer : e kewat fr 3rd gp placing
Best Dancer fr battle : Kewat fr SDC
Best Attire : Stars from Beyond (Ala2 Star Wars)

Hmm..after that, had late dinner at Centrepoint Mac. Hehehe..Ogy who was in bus 143 saw mua n BEAU walking 2wards DG. Nampak aje mua cap ni.

22/7 (Fri)
Sch's fine. Was late for e meetup with Cuz Norin & Mr Cheeky. Was saving pics of Sentosa fr BEAU. Pics soon 2 b revealed. Juz tunggu iya. Dinner n Dessert was great. Thks CUZ NORIN AGAIN FOR E TREAT. E NEXT ONE, MAYBE MINE I HOPE...WISHFUL THINKING..

Shout Outs :-
Shikin : Chill Babe!! Buat bodoh sua!!

Last words fr mua :- IF U CANT TAKE A JOKE, TGL DLM HUTAN SUA!! Sapa yg terasa..aku tak jamin ah!!

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Can't Wait
Friday, July 22, 2005

Location : Acess Rm
Listening to : I'm LIke A Bird (Natalie Fertado)
Wanting : Mkn...
Feelin : Stomach Crampz
Weather : Sunny

Laparnya. In access rm. Waitin 4 e rest 2 finish their a/cs assignmt. Mua dah abis siang2. Not sure wat 2 eat coz nanti dinner having a feast. *Droolz

Yesterday, dpt juga terubat rindu dgn MUA BEAU LE HOMME. Itot gi EC Chalet. Kinda ok2. Dpt manja2 *uwek. Im sorry AYG tt I spoilt ur hp. Sob2. A drop of water from my Nike water bottle was absorbed in it. All his keypads went haywire. Unable to sent sms as well. Sending 2 Nokia Centre Wheelock Place this Sat. Meanwhile, he's having my hp till his N-Gage goes speedy recovery. Nampanya, semua jgn msg till further notice. Apa2 call mua crib *smiles

Stomachku dah growling.


Shouts Outs :-
Cuz Norin : C Ya Later!! Mkn Besar!! Yipee! *winkz
Cuz Liyana : Wat u think of MY AYG? Did ur parents comment anything? *grinz
Rya : Bestnya dapat hp baru!!
Suweett : Your blog cuma ada video aje ke?
Rudi : Saw ya semlm in police van (agaknya) & tak moh pasrah2 ah..chill

colours fill my life with wonders Love

RaciaL HarMony
Thursday, July 21, 2005

Location : B3-01
Listening : Cool (Gwen Stefani)
Feeling : Hyper Giler
Wanting : To meet MA BEAU LE HOMME

Happy Racial Harmony Day pple!! Cant be bother anyway. Kwang3. @ sch, some bunch wore ethic. Saw Sunita @ Admin Office. Hmm..nampaknya, she's really quiting. Nevertheless, a new gal came in replacement. Lupa lak nama. Hope dapat jumpa AYG later. Miss him sooo much!!! If tak jadi, nampaknya on Sat ajelah. Sigh!! Mintak2 tak yah gi JJC. Jauh seh!! Mendak!!

Free period till 1415. Yahoooooo!! Hmm, rasa lapar lak. Tak apa. Tengah diet!! Hahahahhaa!! Speaking of the devil, perut baru berdondang sayang. Weekends is near!! Im goin to Youth Park watching REMIX FINALS this Sat!! Anyone wanna join me and mua BEAU? Either sms or call rumah aku iya!! Daddy's bro n his wife fr Boyan is coming over to stay with us on Sunday. Mum said he looked like Arwah Datuk. I'm gonna meet them for the 1st time.


Shikin : Happy Reading ma bloggy!!
Cuz Liyana : Dapat banyak Present? Jgn lupa share ah!!
Cuz Norin : Sorry if I spoilt e surprise!! Sob2!!

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Location : B3-01
Listenin 2: Semusim (Marcell)
Feelin: Sleepy n Hungry
Weather : Coolin
Wantin 2 : Tido n Mkn (Uwek)

Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!! Penat seh!! No assembly. My form teacher admitted to hosp n will b back next mth. Buat penat dtg siang2!! Nevertheless, dpt jugak surf net!! Kwang3!! Shawn gave a piece of gd news on launchin of my crew!! Tak sabar seh rasanya!! More details next mth!! Applies for those abv 18 aje iya!! Got info on mua ezlink - FINALLY!! Still, hv to travel 2 e locatn - show nric, 1 passport size photo & $1. Tempatnya dekat tak apa - CCK.PASIR RIS.HOUGANG.JE.SBWG.TIONG BAHRU. Hasnt decide wen & where. Leceh benor!! AYG goin to chalet @ EC with his frens!! HV fun AYG!! Muackz!! OH YA, WANNA SAY HAPI 15TH BIRTHDAY TO MUA CUZ, LIYANA!!! HV FUN ON THIS DAY!! SEMOGA ALLAH PANGJANGKAN UMURU!!

Shout outs:
AYG : hmm..howryadoin (*winkz)
Cuz Norin : C ya on Fri!!

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Dont Cha
Monday, July 18, 2005

Location : B3-01
Listenin to : Boots Made 4 Walkin (Jessica Simpson)
Feelin : Missing AYG
Weather : Cooling

OA teacher not in AGain. gEREK!! Free period till 1600. Clearing my emails n update this entry as usual. Goin to TP Lib after sch. Then, straight home before goin 2 dance prac. Sigh!! AYG haven't sms me till naw. Tido abis tul!! Hehehehe!! Got mua BZF & ACF test marks earlier, got B & A respectively. Shd hv done betta. Many careless mistakes uncounted for. Must do well next time round.

Shouts out :-
Cuz Liyana : nak present apa ah?
Cuz Freako : lots of ikan2 di laut (*winksz)
Cuz Norin : Can't wait 4 e treat (Yum2)
SuWeet : Bila mau chill?
PortBoyz : Check them out gals!!
Rudi & Apek : promote kauorg pada chix2 aku!!

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Yeah2..Teacher Tak Ader
Thursday, July 14, 2005

Locatn : B3-01
Listening to : Can We Talk (Kevin Campbell)
Weather : Raining Cats & Dogs (Woof!Woof!)
Feeling : Hungry
Wanting to : Sleep & Eat

Having 2 free OA periods. After this, mua 1st AC/S Test. Hopefully all goes well. Insyallah. Amin. Had a pretty long day yesterday. Had media showcase of NDP @ PA. Started @ 0930. Damn, we had to report 0600. It goes well only errors here & there. Ended early. Went to Ayg's Crib. Had mua crib. Had mua shower n lunchie. THKS AYG FOR COOKIN YOUR TOM YAM SPECIALITY. I kenyang BANGET. MUACKS!!!Send Ayg to work. Proceed to studio for dance prac. Upon arrival, I changed and slept a few winks' @ e purple sofa. Seems Im gonna have a long mths ahead due to NDP. Guess, Im gonna c AYG only once a wk. Sob! Sob! THKS AYG FOR UNDERSTANDING!! LOVE YA LOTS!!
TT's all folks.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

dANCING Queen..Kwang3
Monday, July 11, 2005

Locatn : B3-02
fEELIN : HUngry.
Wanting to : Eat n Eat n Eat n Munch2 *winkz

in OA class. LUpa lak nak bring ma disk. Geez. Retail cart was sellin waffles but too bad, bila nak beli..dia tutup lak..kempunan lah nampaknya. Hvin prac later @ studio kul 1800. Long day ahead..but its ok..Lookin 4ward 2 it.

Had a great wkend. Hope u fellas had it 2.

Sun (10/7)
Hmm..bangun lambat ..hehehe..Slept till 2pm. Rcvd sms fr UV Sasha - ada NDP prac @ studio kul 1800. Geez..Ayg pun bangun lambat..B4 prac, gi lip TP to return n borrow mama's n my bks. On e way 2 prac, terserempak Sasha n Nana. Gi lah sama2 2 studio. Shared Sasha's KFC drumstick. Tima kasih iya. Baby n Joe came 2. Yat lambat sikit coz gi Sentosa. Finally, we listened 2 e track tt we r dancing 4 NDP. Alamak, mendak ler. Ada mix of Jap techno,Akon's Lonely, hip hop Salsa n Cheerleading beat. We manage 2 finish up e Salsa. E rest we gonna take some steps fr previous Chingay. Wks 2 come, dah kena ajar bdk2 JC. Showcase on 23/7.

Sat (09/7)
Bangun pagi2 coz meeting Ayg @ Bedok Interchg kul 0900. Took bus 26 there. Bila dah sampai, tak nampak pun Ayg. So I took e chance 2 return mum's bk. When i went back, Ayg was readin e NP as usual. Penyu n his gf, Wati, fetch us. Sentosa outing was AWESOME N ABSOLUTE FUN, FUN, FUN. Took lots of pics. Uploadin soon 4 viewin.

Nite befalls. Apa lagi. HRC nampaknya. Ayg, mua, Wati, Penyu, Amin n Maya. Gerek Banget.

Fri (08/7)
Tak jadi jumpa Ayg. Gi prac @ Yishun. Newbies came 4 audition. Quite alrite 2 me. Still more to come.

Oklah. Sampai sini sahaja coz BALIK time. ehhehe


colours fill my life with wonders Love

Anticipation of ???
Thursday, July 07, 2005

Location : B3-01 (in sch ler)
Feeling : Hungry.Bored.Dreamy
Wanting to : Cepat2 lah abis klas

In the pathetic class AGAIN. Lost OA notes. Hilang lah. Tak kuasa nak buat assignment. Buat entry lagi bagus. Teacher pun tak ader. Kwang3. Sch ends @ 1515. After sch, going lib lagi. Hantar balik mum's bk. Ayg having soccer earlier and end work @ 1600. Hmm..entah besok jumpa ke tak?? I guess MUST. Rindu seh. Hahahhaha..Sooo mushynya aku. Uwek!! *winkz

Ayg : pls asisst on ma frenster kalau awak free..muacks
Nurul ISA : thks 4 visitin ma bloggy.
Wawa & Ogy ISA : Thks 4 tagging.
Yg lain2 : enjoy life ya!!


colours fill my life with wonders Love

Sucks BIG Time!!
Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Location : OA Class In Sch
Feeling : Moody. Cranky. Hungry. Sweet Tooth.
Wanting to : Box e Hell out of MY FORM TEACHER

Shitz. Still in klas. Ending @ 1615. Lamanya. I dont get it. 1st, im being exempted fr e OA class. Then, you came up 2 me n said "Oh..Mrs Heng, the head master, need ur 1st semester result slip. If not, I cant exempt you. This's her instruction." My brain go..WTF!! You pple cant think is it. How e hell am I gonna get my result slip which was way back in yr 98. Bodoh kan!! Geram2. Email 2 ma old sch pun tak guna. Left vm..tak call back. I need it damn it..Sometimes, i ask myself. If i do get e exemptn, how is SHE gonna compasate me 4 e hrs tt i came for NOTHING!! Here i am, doing her pathetic work...SHE saw me earlier surfing. "Oh, hv u finished your tables? Yes..Do YOU want me 2 print it?" THEN SHE SAID BLOODLY BEING SARCASTIC, "CROSS UR FINGERS & HOPE U GET E EXEMPTN. IF NOT..U HV 2 COME 2 MA CLASS."
One word for YOU. FUCK OFF!!

There..Im feeling great lettin those out..

Shout out to e pple i noe :-

All ma cusz : MISS YA PPLE!!

Chowz. Adios

colours fill my life with wonders Love

In Klass Naw!!
Monday, July 04, 2005

Ola peepz...miss me??? kwang3..Im in class now..havin OA lessons...Teacher not in yet..apa lagi..surf net lah..hehehe..taking this chance 2 update mua bloggy..

Sch's fine..Ac/s sucks as usual but im doin ok..crackin ma brains off..

Lookin 4ward 4 this Sat's outing 2 Sentosa with beau n frenz..Mua 1st time goin with him...We r gonna hv loADZ of FUN ya Ayg..muackz!!

Tc pple...tu aje yg mua leh type!!!

P/s : To Suweet..pls sms me ur new no..mua ilang lah...

Oh ya peepz...sms me ajelah ah..prepaid lum topup ah...

colours fill my life with wonders Love

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