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Let's Start Again
Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Location: Home
Listening To: I Wanna Have Your Babies (Natasha Bendingfield)
Reading: The Second Mrs Dracy (Elizabeth Aston)

Time check is 2000.

Had a long day at work. Intan had to go home early as her daughter is sick. Due to that, I had a short lunch break. Eat my Mee Hoon Soto and back to work. This week will be a hectic week as the school term is starting on 2nd July. Another is continuing enrolment dateline is this Saturday. I bet there is gonna have last minute payment done on that day. After work, went to National Library.

Please do not call me as of now. My prepaid is DAMN low. Just sms me. Will be topping up on 1st July, Sunday.

That's about it.

Have a tumeric Tuesday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Forgive & Forget Or NOT
Monday, June 25, 2007

Location: Home
Listening To: 4 In The Morning (Gwen Stefani)

Time check is 0204.

I cant sleep. All thks to a tall Starbucks Java Chip. Bro was home safely from KL last night. Thks for e black Mango sleveless top. I love it.

Dad going to send and fetch me from work as he is on leave. After work, just to the Ntl Lib ltr.

Give me some time to adapt with the situation.

Here I am leaving a song.

That's abt it.

Hv a magestic Mon.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Walking Away
Sunday, June 24, 2007


colours fill my life with wonders Love

What Shall We Do Today?
Saturday, June 23, 2007

Location: Home
Listening To: Tak Ada Logika (Agnes Monica)

Time check is 1536.

Just got home 30 minutes ago. Nothing much to do tho except housechores. Feeling so lazy to go out due to the cloudy weather. Meanwhile, waiting for my BF to call.

That's about it.

Have a sleazy Saturday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

How Will The Future Lies For Us?
Friday, June 22, 2007

Location: Home
Listening To: Everytime (Britney Spears)

Sha2 & Penyu


Happy birthday to 1 of my 3some, Sha2. I miss us!! Also celebrating is Suhaidi. Happy2 always.

Sharing you guys the addictive sounds in my brain right nw.

Let's Dance Together
Melly Goeslaw Feat BBB

Love Stoned
Justin Timeberlake

Whine Up
Kat Deluna Feat Elephant Man

So BF, let's dance...

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Indah Sekali
Thursday, June 21, 2007

Location: Home
Listening To: I Don't Need A Man (PussyCatDolls)

Time check is 2308.

Please note that the LG Chocolate 3G KU800 handphone is SOLD!! Thank you for the enquries to all the interested buyers out there.

Met Kautsar & the gang earlier at town. Bumped in2 Tee & Yana while otw 2 Lucky Plaza. The usual lepaking outside Plaza Singapura before headed home.

BF had soccer. He called earlier but I 4get 2 ask if his team won. Nevertheless, waiting for his call.

Happy birthday to Tyty, my GJ mate. Happy always ya.

Btw, farewell 2 Shah, my collegue fr mktg as he left today. Best wishes and good luck to you. We all gonna miss your jovialness.

That's about it.

Have a tired Thursday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

When I grow up
Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Location: Home
Listenin To: Like This (Kelly Rowland Feat Eve)


Cik Ina, Hazim wanna be a Traffic Police when I grow up..

A messy hair Cik Ina

Pictures are taken courtesy from BF's hp at Old Police Academy on 10 June 2007.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Monday, June 18, 2007

Location: Home
Listening To: 4am In The Morning (Gwen Stefani)

Time check is 2153.

The One in Yellow

I wanna wish Shu Zhen, Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your day!!

Met BF at Esplanade. He was with his friends. I arrived the same timing as Rahman. Eventually, BF went to 7-11 when I came. Stayed for a while before haeding to Cavana Marina Square for dinner and home thereafter.

Papa invited BF in and I gave away 6 slices of leftover pizzas from yesterday for him to bring home.

I have pulled 2 white hairs. Firstly in the office. The last 1, BF pulled it out in the bus ride home. Arghhhhhhh!!!

That's abt it.

Hv a mad Mon.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

It's Papa Day
Sunday, June 17, 2007

Location: Home
Listening To: If I Aint Got U (Alicia Keys Feat Usher)

My Papa

Time check is 1327.

Just wanna wish my Papa, Happy Father's Day.

Thank you for bringing me up and I am thankful that you always have been there for me. Giving me guidance in whatever I do. Being supportive in my passion. Protecting the family and still working hard despite all. I love you Papa!! Semoga ALLAH memberkati jasamu & panjangkan umurmu.

Just a simple celebration by ordering Canadian. Im so hungry now.

Thanks to Cuz Norin for putting up Kaer's ' Izinkan Ku Pergi' video in her bloggy. Im tearing to it.

That's about it.

Have a sinless Sunday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Which Part That You Don't Understand Me Ah?
Friday, June 15, 2007

Location: Home
Listening To: Used To Be My Playground (Madonna)

Time check is 0122.

Had a long belit2 + frustrating + irritating + mcm2 ah..............

You should know better yourself as of now. I won't say it again.

Oh ya, seminar is on alternate Fridays now.

That's about it.

Have a fetrocious Friday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Location: Home
Listening To: Candyman (Christina Aguilera)
Reading: Beloved Enemy (Jane Feather)

Time check is 2144.

Met this babe earlier to take the certificate. Saw Loh in the administration office. She was asking to buy the alumni tickets from her. I am having second thoughts on going because on that day, the workplace have a seminar and I usually knock off after 2000 unless there is none. Sighz

After that, we went to Marina Square to have lunch cum dinner at Cavana, bought Famous Amos to munch, finding her shoes (she managed to buy at Suntec) and lastly settling our tired feet back at Starbucks Marina Square before cam whoring and home. Oh ya, I heard someone calling me at Novo Suntec and it was Wani with her mum. We chatted for a little while.

Nevertheless, please read below if you are interested. I extracted it from Imran Ajmain's Multiply recent blog entry. I am sending my parent's photo. Am going to view their photo album again before deciding the best.

"I want/need black & white, sephia, full coloured pictures of your parent's or grandparent's wedding (sitting side by side, on the wedding dais, or posing together), of any race, cultural, religious background dating back to as early as cameras can get. Please specify your relations to the people in the pictures, and your full name & contact details. It would be symbolic to have 1,000 pictures for the video but I'd appreciate as many as I can get. Please scan them accurately horizontally or vertically, to maximum resolution, and send them over to imran@beats.sg with the subject 'Seribu Tahun'. Do spread the word. I hope they come from people who feel the song or agree with my sentimentality, at least."

colours fill my life with wonders Love

An Alumni
Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Location: Home
Listening To: My Love Don't Cost A Thing (J Lo)
Reading: Sempadan Tanpa Seri (John Norafizan)

Time check is 2044.

Just got home an hour ago. BF fetched me from work. Next to Orchard Lib & Mac Taka for his dinner. I was too full tho but hd a fair share of his thick chocolate milkshake. A short meetup. We parted ways when I alighted @ TP.

Saw the tag tt Linda left yesterday. Alumni ITE Bishan @ Gotham Penthse on 24th Aug. I booked tixs just nw with Linda 4 me & BF as he 2 an x student bck in 02. So ISA Babes, booked your tickets yet?? Please do. Miss you guys loads!! Mark ur calendar!!

Hd a short briefing conducted by my new admin mgr, Derrick Ng, whose only 13 days old in e co. Intan & me were given new timing to report. 0845 to 1745 & 1030 to 1930.E Sat shift remain unchged. We were fine with it. Since he came in, all the processes run smoothly. No more glitches. Thumbs up for some1 who came fr a retail line. This Sat will b hvin another briefing again which includes Noraini & Vivian aka China Bukit. This provided nt many appts being done by e mktg.

That's abt it.

Have a walkin Wed.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

What More Can I Wish For
Monday, June 11, 2007

Location: Home
Listening To: Get The Party Started (Pink)

Time check is 0031.

Waiting up for BF's call before heading to bed. He have yet to reach home from Mustafa.

I am contented with what I have. Family. BF. His family. Great Collegues altho shitty company. Friends. Love everwhere.

What more can I ask for?

That's about it.

Have a mild Monday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Getting To Know Them
Sunday, June 10, 2007

Location: Home
Listening To: Girlfriend(Arvil Lavinge)

Time check is 2350.

Just wanna say - BF, thank you for the outing with your family just now. It was a shocker tt ur mum asked me 2 come along. Overall, I hd a fun time with them =p

So where did we go just now???? Here goes :-

1. Police Carnival (Old Police Academy)
2. Toa Payoh Central (Lunch & shopping)
3. His relative's & Abang Effendi's crib (Woodlands)
4. Stopover BF's crib ( 2 borrow me Abg Fendi & Kak Nizah's wedding CD)

Eventually they wanted me 2 tag along 2 Mustafa bt thinkin Im wkin @ 9am 2morrow, they decided nt 2. BF jz smsed me this. I was alrite with it if they 1 2 bt there's always a nxt time =p

That's about it.

Have a softy Sun.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Shopping Seh
Saturday, June 09, 2007

Location: Home
Listening To: Right here waitin (Richard Marx)
Reading: Sam's Letters To Jennifer (James Patterson)

E LG KU800

Tastefully Intelligent

Meet the new Chocolate 3G. It has everything you craved for: the deliciously-sleek design that won the 2006 iF Design Award, the lightness of a modern phone, and above all, the braininess of the latest 3G technology.

Chocolate has never been so irresistible.

Still in packaging

Im helping a fren 2 sell off e above. Price starts off @ $400 (neg).

- 3G Technology for videocalls and more
- Dual camera (front and back) for video calls
- Up to 1GB of external memory with microSD card
- MP3 player
- Bluetooth capability
- Speaker phoen function
- Minimalist: Compact & lightweight (17mm thin, 99g light)
- High-tech Touch Pad: Tactile keypad, Premium fibre-glass material
- Hidden LCD panel display, warm red backlight illumination

If interested or any enquiry, please either:-

Email: skatrex19@hotmail.com / sallyliciouz@gmail.com OR

That's abt it.

Hv a silvery Saturday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Location: Home
Listening To: I Don't Feel Like Dancing (Scissor Sisters)

Time check is 0039.

Hapi 2nd mth to US!! Hope we last till eternity!! Insyallah!! Love ya BF

Agenda for today: to Ntl lib for e usuals & meeting Brandon, my ins agent @ nite @ my crib.

That's about it.

Have a will Wednesday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

ISA Babes
Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Location: Home
Listening To: Big Girls Don't Cry (Fergie)

Time check is 0051.

Nothing much to blog now.

Attention to ISA Babes - WANNA MEET UP ON 13TH JUNE (WEDNESDAY) AFTER 6PM? Tag / Sms / Call me if interested. Just to catch up with each other. Hope we all can k.

It is SO DAMN humid. I am heading to shower again.

On 22nd July, I am invited to Chit2's birthday event @ BF's crib by his family. Gulp

That's about it.

Have a tickle Tuesday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Pictures Only
Monday, June 04, 2007

Location: Home
Listening To: 4 In The Morning (Gwen Stefani)

Time check is 0148.

For today let the pictures says it all.

The pelamin which I DREAMT OF HVIN

Aidil (Dedel) & Siti Khatijah (Dee)

With e ladies

With The Gang

With Cuz Uti

Happy birthday to my Cuz Uti!! Semoga ALLAH panjangkan umurmu. Be happy always.

Lastly to BF, have a gd 1st day ltr. Love you

That's about it.

Have a meddle Monday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Congrats To The Aidils
Sunday, June 03, 2007

Location: Home
Listening To: Pencinta Wanita (Irwansyah)
Reading: Setulus setia seindah nama (Siti Hazneza Abdul Hamid)

Time check is 0151.

Gonna do a quick entry before heading to bed. A long day ahead later.

Just got home past midnight fr Dedel's. Thank you BF for the cab ride. See you again later at 11am.

Well, BF said 1.5 year for US =p

That's abt it.

Hv a sazzy Sunday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

The Time Have Come Finally
Saturday, June 02, 2007

Location: Home
Listening To: Life (Gabrielle)

Time check is 0157.

Just got home near to midnight. Met up with Shafiee aka JekSeben who just came back from his vacation to Los Angeles. He got me Victoria Secret Body Spray. Thks eh!! We meet again when you free ok!!

I will be reporting to work at noon till 4pm later due to a briefing of continuing enrolment subjection combination for the current students. Geez..such a mouthful. There goes my plan. Nevertheless, I am still going to have a long day ahead. From work to Ana's engagement then next to Dedel & Dee's wedding dinner at Sembawang. BF going to fetch me from work to go together.

Thank you to MUMMY as she have sent my new smart pants for alteration & get me the slack that I have been wanting. That means all my minis clothes able to wear them now winkz

By the way, Happy Birthday to Haida, Siti Suriani (my ISA babes) & Yantee (my ITE BS netball mate). Semoga ALLAH panjangkan umurmu. Enjoy your day!!

Izzah..i do miss sch a lot esp being able 2 use e bus concessn sob sob

That's about it.

Have a sassy Saturday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

Mana BF ni?
Friday, June 01, 2007

Location: Home
Listening To: Never Again (Kelly Clarkson)

Time check is 0113.

Feeling very thristy due to the time of the month.

Im still waiting up for BF's call as he have yet to reach home from JB with his friends.


Happy 24th birthday to Heed. Wish you happiness always & see you in the weekends.

and also..

Birthday gal in white

Happy birthday Kak Shireen. Semoga ALLAH pjgkan umur & dimurahkan rezeki. I miss u & ur lil 1. Hope 2 meet up soon.

That's abt it.

I wanna crawl to my bed & read while waitin up *grinz

Hv a frail Friday.

colours fill my life with wonders Love

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